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Will electric vehicles put auto repair shops out of business?

Despite common misconceptions, electric cars are not exempt from maintenance. Regular servicing and upkeep are still needed to ensure optimal performance.

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A car on a lift in an auto repair shop.

The popularity of electric cars continues to soar as more drivers choose these eco-friendly vehicles. According to the trends in electric light-duty vehicles from IEA, sales of electric cars witnessed a remarkable 55% increase in 2022 compared to the previous year. This shows no signs of a slowing down, with an estimated 14 million electric cars projected to be sold globally in 2023, representing a substantial 35% increase from the previous year. 

As the demand for electric cars surges, it is clear that they are becoming the top choice for drivers worldwide. This shift towards electric vehicles is due to environmental consciousness and its numerous benefits, such as lower fuel expenses and decreased harmful emissions. However, contrary to popular belief, electric cars are not entirely maintenance-free. Electric vehicles still require regular servicing and upkeep.  

Like their internal combustion counterparts, electric vehicles need routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This maintenance includes tire and brake pad rotations, fluid replacements, and cabin air filter changes, among others. While the maintenance requirements for electric cars may be less frequent and less costly than traditional combustion engine cars, they are still essential for the smooth operation of these vehicles.  

Therefore, it is safe to say that electric cars will not render auto repair shops obsolete. Instead, the rise of electric vehicles necessitates a shift in the approach and expertise of auto repair shops. To adapt to these changes, shop owners and mechanics need to acquire the necessary skills to adapt to electric vehicle repair. This may involve completing electrical vehicle training to gain competence in the industry and hiring service technicians with solid computer skills to diagnose and troubleshoot software-related issues.  

Furthermore, the tools and equipment used in traditional auto repair shops may need to be upgraded to meet the unique requirements of electric cars. Diagnostic devices run by technology, such as code readers and laptops, are now essential for identifying and resolving electric vehicle problems.  

In addition to technical aspects, auto repair shops also need to invest in software solutions that streamline their operations and improve efficiency. Kerridge Commercial Systems offers comprehensive solutions that integrate and manage various business processes, including pricing and stock management, sales and purchase order processing, customer communications, appointment scheduling, and workshop management.  

In conclusion, the increasing popularity of electric cars is reshaping the automotive industry and the services it provides. While electric vehicles demand less maintenance than traditional vehicles, they still necessitate specialized care and attention. Auto repair shops must adapt to this evolving landscape by acquiring the necessary skills, tools, and software to meet the unique needs of electric vehicle owners.  

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