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Benefits of a digital vehicle inspection app

Digital Vehicle Inspections have emerged as a groundbreaking solution that is revolutionizing the way vehicle inspections are carried out.

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Drivers around the world have developed a deep sense of skepticism when it comes to auto repair shops. Countless customers have fallen victim to negative experiences, whether overcharged for services or receiving unnecessary recommendations. These instances have left a lasting impact on their confidence in the industry.  

But what exactly is causing this lack of confidence? The answer lies in the traditional model for car inspections. In this outdated approach, technicians rely solely on their visual assessment skills to identify car damages. They note their observations on paper, making it difficult to describe the problems clearly; this not only creates a barrier to accessibility for customers but also leads to delays in the repair services.  

However, digital vehicle inspections are a revolutionary solution that is transforming how vehicle inspections are conducted. Digital Vehicle Inspections involve technicians utilizing tablet devices to record the results of their inspections. By leveraging technology, the digital reports provide customers with a clear understanding of the quality of their vehicle usage and the required services.  

Improve efficiency  

One of the critical benefits of DVIs is the improved efficiency they offer. With the use of mobile technology, inspections can be customized to suit the customers' specific needs, whether it’s a simple tire report or a full multipoint inspection. Additionally, within the DVI software, technicians can include pictures and videos in the report, which has a more significant impact on the customer experience, as they can visually identify the problem and its location, eliminating any skepticism they may have.  

Furthermore, since the vehicle reports can be texted or emailed to the customer, this allows them to access them conveniently and at their own pace, eliminating the need for the customer to physically visit the repair shop for updates or clarifications and saving them valuable time and effort.

Increase sales

Another advantage of a Digital Vehicle Inspection is the potential for increased sales. Adding a Digital Vehicle Inspection app to an auto repair shop allows owners and managers to monitor their service sales, collect data, and generate reports. By viewing metrics such as the number of daily inspections, problem areas can be identified, technician’s performance can be improved, and selling opportunities can be created.

Build loyalty

Building customer loyalty is one of the most important benefits of digital vehicle inspections. Providing professional reports that are easy to share with friends and family allows customers to feel more confident and trusting in both the shop and the services provided. A DVI report provides transparency by showing the customers the technician’s recommendations and the breakdown of repair costs, allowing them to understand the issues at hand better.

Carside for digital inspections

CarSide is a Digital Vehicle Inspection app for VAST and VAST Online that enables repair shops to send customers a digital report for recommended repairs directly to their smartphone, complete with photos and videos; this allows customers to look at the recommended repairers no matter where they are.

Repair shops implementing CarSide have seen an average increase in their repair order of 21% or more, translating to as much as $10,000 per month or more. In addition to its impact on sales, CarSide tracks important metrics and generates easy-to-read reports to help owners and managers monitor employee productivity and manage shop activities. CarSide is a prime example of how technology can revolutionize the auto repair industry and benefit customers and shop owners.

If you would like to learn more about CarSide, please request a demo today. 

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