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What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

ERP software lets you streamline your various business functions into one centralized location for efficient processing and full visibility.

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A finger pointing at data graphs, with a strap that reads "What os Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP?

With a wide range of processes to stay on top of, successfully managing your business can be challenging. ERP software enables you to streamline all these business functions into one centralized location with easy access to real-time data.

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning and is a type of software organizations use to manage core business processes from one central system—from pricing and inventory management to customer relationship management (CRM) and accounting tasks.

Because ERP software is scalable and intuitive, it offers a variety of benefits along with multiple deployment options so you can configure the system to suit your unique and ever-evolving business needs.

Benefits of ERP

Increased efficiency

ERP software integrates a range of business operations, such as those in finance, distribution, manufacturing, service, supply chain and more. These processes are combined in one central platform, allowing you to collect and monitor business intelligence data more efficiently.

Reduced cost

Organizations to closely monitor key metrics with ERP software, enabling them to keep better track of profitability.

The right ERP system puts financial reporting in the palm of your hand, which makes it easy to calculate sales margins and profit ratios. With automated profit tracking and reports, you can see which areas may potentially hurt your profit margins and quickly address them before they have an impact.

Reduced operating costs are a natural consequence of streamlining processes with ERP software. When you optimize business operations and increase overall efficiency, you can automatically enjoy reduced costs to your business.

Real-time data

Data isn’t helpful to your business if it's outdated or inaccurate. A proper ERP solution guarantees that all your business data is available and easy to access in real-time. This ensures that you have complete visibility of any trends or changes.

Another key benefit of real-time data is better customer service. Have you ever told a customer you have a product in stock but later discovered that you don’t? A robust ERP system eliminates potential mistakes like this, as real-time data will give you a complete and up-to-date picture of available inventory. This improved service enhances your business’ reputation as well as the overall customer experience.

Real-time data also allows businesses to reduce redundancies by providing staff with improved visibility, which encourages efficient team collaboration. All databases are linked, so employees can immediately see what data has already been entered into the system.

Types of ERP

There are two main deployment options for ERP solutions: cloud-based and on-premises. On-premises ERP systems are deployed locally, run on in-house servers, and maintained by your organization’s IT team. On the other hand, cloud-based ERP software is hosted online in the cloud by your ERP provider.

In the digital age, cloud-based ERP is often preferred due to being user-friendly and easy to maintain in addition to its adaptability. A cloud-based ERP offers multi-device workload security and scalability as your team increases, allowing your ERP system to grow with you. Cloud technology is a great way to future-proof your business and guarantee that you can continue to adapt to a changing environment.

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) provides both cloud-based and on-premises ERP solutions so that businesses can choose the best fit for their needs.

ERP implementation

ERP implementation gives you the power to manage all facets of running your business in one central platform. Your ERP software must be robust enough to handle everything from customer relationships to financial planning and warehouse management. KCS provides all this functionality and more in our innovative and scalable ERP software. Seamlessly integrate every area of your organization, improve overall efficiency, streamline processes and watch your business grow!

Contact us or book a demo today to learn more about our ERP solutions, benefits and deployment options.

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