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5 data features that will help inform your business decisions

Having good data at the core of your ERP solution is the start. This blog shows the true value of having ERP data that's easy to access and understand.

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Get the balance right. Data should provide you with all the insights you need to carry out in-depth analysis, which, in turn, will give you the necessary tools to drive your business forward and stay ahead of your competitors.

Here are five features to look for in your ERP solution to ensure you can retrieve the key information you need to support your business strategies.

1. Easy access

Information about your business, its stock, its people, and its sales needs to be both easily accessible and readily available. Your software should present this in a digestible format, so you can instantly see whatever data you require, therefore improving efficiency across your operation.

2. Regular harvesting

Data harvesting needs to happen regularly to ensure information is broken down sufficiently enough that it becomes easier to analyze. A good ERP solution will yield important insights, but a great one will ensure they are regularly extrapolated to give you the most up-to-date insights.

3. Insights and intelligence

Your business management software needs to provide instant information that improves your insights and intelligence. Analytics can reveal the true value of your datathose hidden details that may not seem obvious to the untrained eye but which could bolster any business decisions you make.

4. Identifying new opportunities

Successful businesses need to seek out new opportunities as soon as they become available. Quality data will help you gain an overview of market conditions and take whatever steps necessary to make the most of new prospects as they arise.

5. KPI analysis

Key performance indicators (KPIs) need to be constantly monitored, and your data should enable you to track your results accurately. Taking both your company's goals and industry demands into account; your ERP system must be an ideal fit for your sector and allow you to improve efficiencies and achieve targets.

KCS: Giving you access to the data you need

At Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), we deliver data solutions that help you adapt your work processes so that you may become smarter and more efficient. 

Our solutions are designed to support business decision-makers and include features such as:

  •   Clarity on performance against targets
  •   Better quality of operational and financial decisions
  •   Need-to-know information for directors, financial staff, and managers
  •   Centralization of key data in a consistent, secure, permission-based environment 

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