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Investing in professional growth at every stage of your career

Professional development is key for our careers. This blog explains how we invest in early career opportunities that provide vital industry experience.

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Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) strongly believes in the importance of professional development at every step of one's career. That's why we’re investing in early career opportunities that pair young professionals with skilled mentors to provide professional growth, industry experience, and a leg up in the job market.



Young people are at the center of our global future. Professional growth is increasingly important in the modern age, and Kerridge Commercial Systems is proud to provide individuals with hands-on experience that will give them a head start in their careers.

Heather Preu - CEO of North America

Madi, the Marketing Coordinator at KCS, began her professional journey at the company as a marketing intern. Her exemplary work led to the company offering her a part-time position while still attending university. KCS gave her the flexibility to work and build valuable skills in her field while earning her degree. After graduating, Madi chose to join the team full-time and continue her professional development here at KCS.

“Madi’s success story is one to truly admire. Her dedication to the job and her ability to learn a new role while studying at university at the same time speaks to her incredible drive. She has proven to be a valued member of the North American marketing team,” said Megan Turner, Head of Marketing North America.

Investing in early talent is a great way to help develop your team and provides managers like myself another avenue for recruitment. I am thrilled to be part of an organization that sees the value in opportunities like these.

Megan Turner - Head of Marketing, North America

What role did you start in at KCS?

When I joined the business in May 2021, I started as a Marketing Intern. In this role, I created visual and written social media content in order to engage our audiences across several platforms. I also worked with the marketing team to author internal and external communications that help support our digital marketing initiatives.

How did KCS support you when you first started?

As soon as I joined the KCS team, our Head of Marketing was a phenomenal mentor who really guided me through my onboarding and responsibilities. Because I was working alongside an experienced industry professional, I acquired skills and knowledge in a way that felt very natural. Beyond my line manager, everyone at KCS was always helpful and willing to answer questions while I was familiarizing myself with the more technical aspects of our business. In addition, working as an intern allowed me to have a flexible schedule, which made it easy for me to work around my studies. Overall, when I joined the business, I immediately felt like I was a valued member of a team—not just an intern!

What did your job trajectory look like? How did KCS set you up for success throughout these changes?

I worked as a marketing intern through the summer. Before I started my 3rd year of university in the fall, KCS approached me with the opportunity to become a part-time employee. It was really encouraging to know that the company valued the work I was doing, and I enthusiastically accepted this offer. After that, I worked part-time on the marketing team until I graduated college in May 2023.

Before I graduated, KCS offered me a full-time position. After working with the business for almost two years, I already knew I enjoyed what I was doing and the people I was working with. Moreover, I was obviously ecstatic about the privilege of receiving a full-time job offer right out of college!

Throughout all of these changes, I received a lot of guidance from those around me, and I was given room to adapt to each role I stepped into. It was okay to make mistakes and learn from them.

What does your current role entail?

As the Marketing Coordinator, I work mainly in the realm of digital marketing, but my responsibilities also extend to maintaining relationships with buying partners and organizing trade shows. I spearhead social media content creation, and I partner with the rest of the marketing team, as well as other areas of the business, to author internal and external communications. These communications can be blogs, newsletters, press releases, trade show notifications, email campaigns, and much more!

I also work with digital marketing reports and search engine optimization to ensure that we're effectively engaging our target audiences. Additionally, I get to work on a variety of creative projects, which is always fun. For example, my training as an intern included learning about our brand style guide and how to use different graphic design platforms.

What projects or accomplishments are you most proud of?

While simultaneously attending university and working at KCS, I knew I was building skills that would serve me well throughout my career. One of the things I've been proud of in my role is increasing my skill level in regard to digital marketing strategies and platforms. Furthermore, I enjoy collaborating with other teams like HR, talent recruitment, and support. This year, I've worked closely with the support team to organize internal communications so that all our employees stay up to date on one of the most crucial areas of our business.

Overall, collaborating with different teams has been a great way to gain experience in diverse fields and learn more about all aspects of our business. It's also helped me form connections with coworkers!

How have you grown professionally while on our team?

A good education is the foundation of any career, but there are so many things that you can't learn in a classroom. KCS's hands-on approach helped me turn my studies into real-world, applicable skills. Not only have I applied my studies, but I've also had so many valuable experiences that I wouldn't have had otherwise. It has been incredibly valuable to learn about the inner workings of a business and gain experience in my field so early in my career. During my time with KCS, I've become so much more confident in myself as a young professional.

What’s the best advice you can give to someone who's looking to start their career?

The best advice I could give someone who's starting their career is to take advantage of early career opportunities.

My job trajectory at KCS gave me a head start in building a really unique skill set; I was able to start early as an intern and gain work experience while still earning my degree in college. When students graduate, everyone is looking to get hired, but the job market can be uncertain. Not only did KCS lead me to acquire advanced skills that would help me stand out in the job market, but I was also able to secure a full-time role in my preferred field directly after graduating. Furthermore, I already knew that I loved the job as well as the people I was working with!

My time with the company has enabled me to be more comfortable and knowledgeable both in a business environment and in my career, and I'm so grateful to be part of the Kerridge Commercial Systems team.

KCS is proud to support professional development regardless of what stage of your career you may be in. Interested in becoming a part of the team? Learn more about our opportunities here.


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