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Are you at risk with your on-premise ERP system?

On-premises servers present modern businesses with plenty of problems. Worse, these issues are avoidable, as this blog from KCS North America explores.

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Traditional on-premise ERP solutions have come a long way. Most businesses know by now that they should have an ERP system in place for various reasons, including greater automation, streamlined operational processes, a more digital approach, and more business insights and intelligence.

However, with the ever-changing world we live in, the traditional options do come with some risks, especially if you are still using old hardware. Some of these risks could include; ongoing and regular maintenance, administration, monitoring, data loss, system downtime, etc.

Integrated cloud services to power your business

Given the risks associated with on-premise ERP systems, it may still, be the right thing to take the on-premise route. However, in most cases, a cloud or hosted solution will be better suited.

Organizations of all sizes, from a single site to international businesses with multiple locations can benefit from a hosted solution. Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) offers ERP and Business Management solutions for businesses of all sizes and caters to a variety of industries, including Distribution, Wholesale, Retail, and Hiring industries. KCS offers both on-premise as well as hosted solutions by way of the cloud.

Our cloud solutions are fully equipped to support the evolution of your business. A true end-to-end service, the cloud provides assurance that your business has the capacity to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also offers data security, maximizes service availability to support your client base, promotes flexibility in order to adjust the business’s growth and development, and provides a competitive advantage by not falling behind with outdated legacy systems.

Why use our K-Cloud and hosted software?

  • Removes the costs and risks of managing in-house servers
  • Ensures a secure, resilient environment for critical systems
  • Provides user access from any of your locations, 24/7
  • Reduces capital outlay with predictable operational costs
  • Scalable from 5 to 10,000 users to suit your business

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