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Get current and stay current

The full digitization of your operation brings with it many benefits. We explore what this process means, and what success it could bring your business.

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There has been a big drive towards digital transformation over the last two years. This is nothing new, as it’s been years in the making, but there has most certainly been an escalation in the drive to digitally transform.

Many businesses had to find new ways of working since the start of the global pandemic, and for most, their ERP systems form a core part of their business-critical tools. It ensured a continuation of business, even if it was in a limited capacity, and it enabled scalability when there was an increase or decrease in certain stock requirements. In some cases, where their ERP system was hosted in the cloud, they were able to access information from anywhere at any time, and it even helped weather some of the unforeseen storms.

Whether or not an ERP system is a necessity for modern-day business is no longer in question. Especially for distributors, wholesalers, merchants and any type of distributive traders. Many businesses, however, often implement their new systems and then get ‘comfortable’ as the years go on. The need to upgrade to the latest versions over time usually doesn’t get much attention. Businesses either think it’s not necessary, or they might just not want to go through the hassle.

Staying on old and outdated software versions has many risks associated. The flip side of that is, in this day and age, it’s very important to get current and to stay current, which means your business will be using the latest technology and could be better prepared for unforeseen circumstances or even just keep up with modern-day customer expectations.

There are many benefits as to why businesses should upgrade:

  • Improved support levels
    • Support teams usually get trained on the latest software versions, which means more access to more people who know all the product ins and outs
    • Less requirement or need for support as product improvements are done on the latest versions
  • Reduction in bugs
    • Software developments are usually done on the latest versions, which might mean that older versions could pick up some age-related issues
  • Access to key features or mobile technology like e-apps
    • As technology improves, new applications become available but will be developed on the latest software versions and might not work with older versions.
    • We have launched several new apps over the last two years, including an electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) app, an ePick App which enables users to book receipts from purchase orders into inventory, an eReceiving App allowing users to book in receipts from purchase orders and a Sales Portal Application that empowers your sales team to capture and record customer orders remotely.
  • Enhanced functionality
    • New software versions take modern requirements into consideration and will continue to add or enhance its functionality
  • Stable platform to continue upgrade path
    • The quicker you get on to the latest version, the easier future upgrades will be and with fewer risks associated

Having a good ERP system in place is the first step in streamlining operations, digitizing processes and future-proofing your business. After that, it’s important to keep your management system updated so you remain on the latest software versions. If you can tick these boxes and have a few critical tasks such as your sales order processing functions running smoothly and efficiently, it’s easy to further modernize and optimize by adding mobile applications that simply integrate with your ERP system.

Kerridge Commercial Systems has launched several mobile apps over the last two years that integrate with the latest versions of their ERP system. This takes the whole sales order process to a new level and includes an ePicking app, allowing users to book receipts from purchase orders into inventory, an eReceipt app, enabling the booking of receipts from purchase orders via an ePOD or Electronic Proof of Delivery App, which allows users to manager their entire delivery cycle, eliminating paper trails and the loss of documents, reducing costs in the long run and supporting a greener environment by saving on paper, printers, cartridges and admin hassles. These apps are easy to use and a great add-on to any sales order process.

Contact Kerridge Commercial Systems today to discuss your options to get current and stay current.

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