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Choosing a future-proof ERP solution for your business

When selecting an ERP or business management solution to power your business, it's vital to ensure your selection is future-proof. This blog explains why.

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The need for flexible, forward-thinking ERP software has never been greater for businesses. Companies have had to adapt to changing circumstances over the past year, and, in many cases, their ERP solution has been integral to making this happen.

Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) provides software that has helped companies trade in different, smarter ways. There are several key features of its ERP solutions that have made this possible by equipping users with the functionality they need to future-proof their operations.

Cloud software that grows with your business

Any growing business will appreciate the need for a scalable software solution. Being able to add users to an ERP system is essentialand this is made easier by KCS' cloud-based software.

The cloud eliminates the need for a business of any size to buy physical servers. It's quick, easy, and affordable to increase capacity by adding extra user licenses without the need to invest in additional hardware. Additionally, because the IT infrastructure is outsourced, there is no requirement to invest in local skills to maintain the systems, as the experts will do it on your behalf.

Cost is another reason why many businesses have chosen to move to the cloud, as adding licenses when required makes this an affordable alternative to using traditional on-site servers.

ERP software that delivers flexibility wherever you are

Over the past year, it has never been more important to use flexible software. Remote access is made much simpler by using a cloud-based ERP, as users can all log into the same system regardless of their location.

Put data security in the hands of the experts

Data security is never far from the headlines, and as businesses typically deal with large volumes of information, it should never be overlooked when choosing a software solution.

Selecting a reputable ERP software provider will ensure that best practices are followed with regard to data authentication, access control, and encryption. KCS follows the strictest possible standards when it comes to data security, providing its customers with the reassurance and confidence that all their information is safe when stored on its cloud-based servers.

This enables companies’ IT departments to focus on other areas of the business without the need to regularly back up data.

Prepare for a digital transformation

Software opens up many opportunities for businesses, especially when it offers the potential to expand into new digital trading environments. KCS recently launched a range of solutions, including apps and fully integrated eCommerce platforms, to help facilitate new digital ways of working.

Companies have been able to serve both their trade and retail customers online with one of KCS' eCommerce solutions, which enabled them to keep their businesses open even when physical trading was no longer an option.

In addition to this, apps such as ePODthe electronic proof of delivery solutionhave made it easier to carry on delivering goods safely and efficiently. This expands on the already feature-rich functionality of KCS's software.

Looking forward to a digital future

The shift towards digital transformation has been on the cards for businesses for a while, and the coronavirus pandemic has hastened the pace of change.

As the industry adapts to its new normal, it has become evident that digital technologies are here to stay. Businesses that have adopted these tools have become more flexible in their approach to trading and, in many instances, have reaped the benefits of doing so.

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