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Cloud computing delivered by experts who understand your software and your industry

We have experienced cloud computing service providers. Our services include infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), hosting, data storage, and hardware procurement.

When you use our K-Cloud service, you know your business is running on the latest system, with engineers who understand the systems and software and who keep working to effectively monitor and fine-tune the technology.

Learn more below about how K-Cloud can help your business, or contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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Our K-Cloud offering

K-Cloud is our environment that delivers a range of services over the internet, including:

  • servers,
  • storage,
  • databases,
  • networking,
  • software,
  • security and resilience.
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Cut costs and upscale your business

Unlike running your own servers and infrastructure, K-Cloud enables you to drive down costs and scale your software as the needs of your business change.

Within K-Cloud, you can be assured your business is running on the latest system, with teams of engineers constantly monitoring performance and fine-tuning the cloud technology.

Your system is managed by KCS experts who know your software and understand your industry.

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The benefits of K-Cloud

K-Cloud provides you with a full suite of internet-facing solutions and secure servers that you can connect to remotely. There are seven key benefits to K-Cloud, each of which will help drive efficiency and keep costs to a minimum.

  • Cost reduction & efficiencies - reduce the need for upfront capital expenditure and the ongoing expense of in-house IT teams.
  • Data security - enhance the security of your data.
  • Scalability - increase capacity quickly, easily, and affordably through additional user licenses.
  • Connected experience - staying connected has never been more important.
  • Disaster recovery - benefit from robust disaster recovery.
  • Control - connect with other cloud solutions and really power your business.
  • Mobility - allows mobile access to corporate data.
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Cloud versus on-premise:
What’s the difference?

We can offer most software solutions in our portfolio in a cloud-based environment. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach has grown in popularity over recent years. It means you receive your solutions from us via a licensing and distribution model.

What are the advantages for your business? A more flexible and accessible approach to software that on-site servers simply cannot offer.

Facts & figures

An illistration of multiple people using K-Cloud

Approximately 7,500 KCS customers are now in K-Cloud.

An illistration of a house using a server, connecting to K-Cloud.

Most customers now choose K-Cloud over an on-premise solution.

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We offer SaaS services with up to 99.99% availability.

Services we provide

  • Professional

  • Support

  • Business

  • Hardware

  • eLearning

Consultancy services

Delivering a world-class solution for your business requires knowledgeable and experienced people. Our dedicated team of professional project managers and consultants have extensive knowledge and experience to deliver expert project management services.

Read more about our consultancy services

Support services

Our team of experienced technical and application analysts can provide assistance with problems and questions relating directly to data processing, software operation, functionality or changes. We offer professional IT service desk support at whatever level your business needs to optimize efficiency across its operations.

Read more about our support services

Business continuity

Business continuity planning is key to continued, efficient business operations in the digital age. A cybersecurity breach, network shutdown, or other unplanned IT disaster can severely impact your productivity and profitability without having business continuity software to help your organization bounce back faster after the unexpected happens.

Read more about our business continuity services

Hardware services

Computer systems are a fundamental part of every business operation, but they also require resources, time and skills to manage. By outsourcing your hardware provision to our experienced staff, you can save costs and leave it to our experts to supply and support the right hardware for your IT systems.

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eLearning resources

Our eLearning resource allows users to access high-quality training material via the Internet at a time that best suits them.

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