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A comprehensive system to manage all warehouse activities

The Warehouse Management Software (WMS) module for automotive parts distributors, jobbers, and retailers offers extensive capabilities to manage stock movements throughout your warehouse, giving you a clear, accurate picture of warehouse inventory at all times. The system manages all warehouse activities, from goods receipt to picking and shipment, optimizing your processes and maintaining correct, up-to-date stock records.

Autopart from KCS is a comprehensive system to manage all warehouse activities

What are the benefits to your business?

KCS warehouse management software helps you optimize the flow of goods.

Optimize the flow of goods

Integrated fully with the Autopart business management system, WMS seamlessly updates your records and optimizes the flow of goods through your warehouse.

  • Simplify the management of all warehouse activities — from goods receipt and put away to picking, packing, and shipment.
  • A user-friendly dashboard provides up-to-the-minute status and audit reports.
Stock visibility and documentation is easy with KCS warehouse management software.

Stock visibility and documentation

Real-time stock data and documentation capabilities ensure businesses have a highly efficient warehouse operation, delivering excellent customer service.

  • Complete visibility and access to warehouse stock by branches and vice versa give you a comprehensive view of inventory data.
  • Tracking and validation functionality supports operational needs and audit requirements.
The integrated ERP software from KCS gives you smart hand-held capabilities for mobile working.

Hand-held capabilities

To improve efficiency in the warehouse, every process can be managed using wireless hand-held devices (PDA), and every movement is captured instantly for audit and integrated with other system modules.

  • A hand-held PDA and scanner are used for all data input, continuously updating your central software system via a wireless connection.
  • An intuitive dashboard provides an instant snapshot of current activities.

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Versatile business management software designed for automotive parts distributors, jobbers, retailers, and warehouse distributors.

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