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Modern Tire

Modern Tire uses VAST to increase tire sales and automate time-consuming processes

Vertical: Automotive
Industry: Tires and servicing
Product: VAST Retail
Application: VAST Commerce
Integrations: BayIQ, CARFAX
Modern Tire and auto service logo with a tire in the background.

The Story

Located in Central Connecticut, Modern Tire provides automotive repair services and tires at five locations throughout the Greater Hartford area. They use VAST to increase tire sales and automate time-consuming processes, resulting in happier customers. Robert Amenta, President of Modern Tire, explains:

"When I was looking for automotive software for my business, I chose VAST Retail by KCS, and the reason I selected that was because we were looking for a platform that would really help us out in the service industry."

"We use VAST in our business in a variety of ways. We obviously use it at the point of sale to help us become efficient in looking up parts and ensuring that the vendors that we deal with have those parts in stock. We have multiple stores; if we have to transfer parts or tires between our stores, we're constantly using VAST. And on the backside, it really helps us out because there is a wide range of reports that we can run and there are also a lot of ad hoc tools that we can use to refine what we do in our business."

The most significant business improvements that we've seen after implementing VAST Retail software is the efficiencies that we were able to have as a result of the software. We're able to quote our customers much quicker on a variety of services that today's automotive vehicles require.
Robert Amenta - President, Modern Tire

"One of the most important things to me as a business owner is that the people and the vendors that we partner with continue to invest in their products and make them better so that we can do better and serve our customers better. VAST definitely does that. They are constantly investing in products to ensure they are on the cutting edge of auto service.

"Point of sale is very important that we have the efficiencies to be able to deliver to our customers in a quick, timely fashion, and VAST ensures that we do that, and they've been doing it year after year."

Steve Cohen, Modern Tire's Controller, continues:

"All of our financial activities are extracted from our VAST point of sale software into Dynamics GP on a daily basis for each of our five retail locations. The integration takes the place of manually inputting point-of-sale results into our accounting software and allows us to prepare meaningful financials and process accounts payable in a very timely and accurate manner.

"Modern Tire is always using state-of-the-art technology and systems, and as a controller and a CPA, that provides me with challenging and rewarding opportunities to help meet the company's operating goals."

We have five retail locations, and without using VAST we could not run this business efficiently.
Steve Cohen - Controller, Modern Tire

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