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Using your ERP to stock more efficiently

Effective stock control is the cornerstone of a profitable business. This article explains how the right ERP solution helps you stock more efficiently.

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The inside of a warehouse with a copy strap that reads Using your ERP to stock more efficiently

Effective and controlled stock management lies at the heart of any successful distributive trade business. After all, the difference between having too much stock and too little can prove financially, logistically, and reputationally damaging for a company – so taking steps to prevent this from happening makes sound business sense.

Having an ERP solution in place that’s specifically designed for the distributive trades is critical. After all, you need software that understands the way in which you operate and offers the functionality you need to stock more efficiently and effectively.

How stock management software can help your business

Maintaining strong profit margins is one of the first steps towards achieving business success. Customer prices should be based and closely linked to purchase prices so you can ensure you are always in profit.

To achieve this, you ideally need an ERP solution that will automate this process on your behalf. Electronically uploading prices from suppliers gives you an up-to-date picture of how much items cost in the fast-moving distributor market.

In some cases, it might make practical sense to source stock at the point at which you are creating a quotation. Stay ahead of the competition and let your ERP software do this for you – make sure you’ve got those all-important goods that customers need exactly when they are needed.

Your ERP should allow you to gain full visibility of your business and track stock movements, transfers, and availability in an instant – giving you the time and flexibility you need to take corrective action as and when it’s required.

KCS's ERP system: Your answer to more effective stock control

Kerridge Commercial Systems' ERP system has been developed by those who know your industry best and provides all the tools you need to source effectively, stock efficiently, sell profitably and service competitively.

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