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Trade profitably and safely during the pandemic

In this blog, we explore how Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) has launched solutions to help its customers keep moving in difficult times.

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A warehouse worker scanning her temperature with the copy that reads Trade profitably and safely during the pandemic.

Businesses have been left with little option but to adapt to the 'new norm' that's arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is why at KCS we have focused our efforts on giving our customers access to solutions and methodologies that can quickly help them prepare for these challenges.

Pushing ahead with online trading

Many business owners have postponed implementing ecommerce in the past, but the recent situation has made it more important than ever not to be left behind in the digital era.

Our range of web trading products are designed to meet the needs of trade customers, consumers, or both.

Companies interested in B2B and B2C trading can implement our integrated K8 WebPro solution, while WebTrade provides an ecommerce platform suited for the B2B market.

Recognizing the need for remote accessibility, the K8 Sales Rep Portal is another product we have brought to market. It provides instant access to stock and pricing information and allows remote sales staff to place orders on their customers' behalf.

Our K8 Amazon Connector integrates with our popular ERP software and enables sales orders to be imported directly from the Amazon marketplace.

Apps to help you operate safely

With the recent digital revolution has come the emergence of mobile apps - and this is another area where we've been keen to help our customers.

The K8 ePOD app enables drivers to download delivery details to a smartphone or other mobile device. Users have the option to capture signatures and images of deliveries, and to send an electronic copy directly to the customer.

This is just one of the apps that helps businesses effectively eliminate the social contact associated with printing and sending physical documentation. K8 ePick and K8 eReceiving also allow users to process transactions digitally, protecting staff and customers alike.

Providing remote assistance

KCS consultants have understandably been unable to physically meet customers over recent months, which has led us to offer these services remotely. We have provided a full range of webinars and personal consultancies to ensure our customers can make effective use of their downtime.

In fact, this delivery model has proved so effective that we are confident it will be here to stay beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Feedback from customers has been positive, as remote services have enabled them to grow and learn in a more flexible manner.

The past few months have been challenging, but with the right digital tools in hand, there are real opportunities for our customers to thrive and open themselves up new routes to market.


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