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Over 2000 locations now seeing the power of Autocat and VAST Commerce

This article examines the rise in adoption of MAM Software products, Autocat and VAST Commerce, over the last 6 months across North America.

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A finger pressing ons a settings tap with a strap that reads Autocat and VAST Commerce

MAM Software has seen a significant increase in the adoption of Autocat and VAST Commerce over the last 6 months from 1500 locations to 2000 locations.

Autocat (designed for warehouse distributors, jobbers, and automotive parts retailers) is a comprehensive electronic auto parts catalog providing direct access to the latest updates from a wide variety of industry suppliers. Utilizing both web technology and the industry ACES and PIES standards, Autocat addresses the need to publish updates quickly and eliminates monthly data maintenance. Supplier files are validated and then published to a cloud-based database where the data is immediately available to all Autocat customers.

VAST Commerce (designed for automotive tire and service shops) is a suite of connectivity and catalog solutions that enables businesses throughout the automotive tire and servicing supply chain to collaborate and transact online with reduced costs and greater efficiency. Built on OpenWebs e-commerce and Autocat catalog platforms, VAST Commerce provides a single solution for all connectivity requirements.

“MAM Software has a strong track record stretching back over many years of developing catalog solutions for our automotive customers. We know how important it is to have a quality catalog offering tightly integrated into our business management software solutions. Since the launch of the catalog, we’ve been amazed at the level of interest being shown not only by our existing customers but the wider market. The response from customers who have gone live has also been very encouraging.” stated Mike Jamieson, CEO - MAM Software.

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