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Over 1,500 locations now seeing the power of autocat

Autocat from MAM Software is widely seen as the only electronic parts catalog for the automotive industry. This article explores why it's so vital.

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Spark plugs with a strap that says, Autocat.

MAM Software, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of MAM Software Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAMS), has seen a significant increase in the use of Autocat since its launch. Autocat utilizes cloud technology to help parts manufacturers publish their catalog data. This provides up-to-date catalog information to warehouse distributors, retailers, jobbers, and tire and auto service dealers.

Manufacturers can submit data using both ACES and PIES delivery specifications that are then verified and standardized before being published to the cloud. Users access the data from Autocat's user-friendly desktop interface, which allows them to intuitively select vehicle information and products or use the VIN, Interchange, and Buyers Guide features to identify and sell the right parts. Personalized notes and customizable product categories allow the catalog to be tailored to individual requirements.

Eastern Warehouse Distributors, based in Langhorne, PA, has been using our Autopart business management and Warehouse Management Software (WMS) since February 2016 and was one of the first companies to start using Autocat. They now use it in all of their locations and average around 9,000 lookups per day.

John Myers, VP of Operational Integrations - Eastern Warehouse Distributors, commented, “We analyzed the lookup results in Autocat and found the data to be up-to-date and accurate. This gave us confidence that we would see increased sales opportunities and decreased return rates. Autocat takes cataloging to another level, providing updates at web speed without monthly maintenance. It offers consistent, up-to-date results to make the sale.”

Through the use of Autocat, companies like Professional Parts, Inc. (PPi) have the ability to create their own custom categories and groups. Through the use of the catalog setup, users are able to organize the content by current industry formats and create custom notes by application or by part number.

“The combination of Autopart and Autocat has been excellent. At the point of sale, having an accurate and up-to-date catalog can often be the difference between making the sale or sending the customer to a competitor. The ability to edit the catalog with custom notes is also a great tool in keeping our catalog accurate. If the manufacturer makes an error, we can add a note to let our counter people know there is a potential issue.” stated Rich Johnston, Jr., from Professional Parts, Inc.

“MAM Software has a long history of developing catalog solutions for our automotive customers. Our first cloud-driven catalog solution was introduced to the UK market back in 2008. We know how important it is to have good quality catalog solutions for our customers, and our goal for the US version of Autocat was to produce a catalog that could be tightly integrated into our business management software solutions. We are very pleased with the Autocat product we launched in the US and we are encouraged by the positive response we’ve received from our customers.” states Mike Jamieson, CEO - MAM Software.

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