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Five benefits of real-time ERP data

Discover how real-time ERP software streamlines workflow, improves order tracking and customer service, automates profit tracking, and eliminates inefficiencies.

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Running a successful business requires many different processes. You must manage inventory, take part in bookkeeping, ensure customers and employees are satisfied, and focus on manufacturing. Enterprise resource planning software, or ERP software for short, helps streamline many of these into one centralized location and then provides real-time access to those systems and the data they produce.

If you are not already using ERP software in your business, you are missing out on many important benefits of this real-time data. Here are five benefits you will start enjoying by implementing ERP software into your business practices.

1. Streamline your workflow with real-time data

Are there parts of your business that you are not closely connected to? ERP software gives you access to real-time data about all aspects of your business. This helps you streamline your workflow at every step of your process. From tracking inventory to dealing with accounting or human resources issues, it all falls under the same umbrella. Whether you find a hang-up in production or learn your sales team is dropping the ball before the final sale, you can find inefficiencies, correct them, and improve your overall success.

2. Improved order tracking

When a customer calls and wants to know where his order is, do you know? ERP software lets you easily find an order, so you can give your customer accurate information about its location. This, in turn, helps you deliver accurate delivery estimates so customers are never left wondering where their items are in the manufacturing and shipping process.

3. Automated profit tracking

Calculating sales margins and profit ratios is difficult for a growing business. The right ERP system puts these reports in the palm of your hand while also synchronizing them so you can evaluate metrics more easily. With automated profit tracking and reports, you can see areas that need to be addressed before they have the potential to hurt your profit margins.

4. Better customer service

What happens when you tell a customer you have an item in stock or can deliver service within a set time frame, only to find that you cannot? Inaccuracy hurts customer service and your overall brand impression. Real-time ERP data prevents you from making these types of mistakes because you can simply see what is available at the moment of sale. This helps improve customer service and the overall customer experience, which preserves your reputation in the eyes of your target audience.

5. Elimination of redundancies

As your business grows, you may find that employees enter the same data multiple times, which leads to productivity and time management issues. When you have an ERP system, this problem is eliminated. All databases get linked, and employees can see if they are entering data that’s already been recorded. If a redundancy occurs, the system can flag it so you can remove it. This improves accuracy and reduces time wasted by fixing redundant data entries.

These are just some of the benefits of ERP software and the real-time data it provides. If you’re looking for an integrated, advanced system to help you control your data, reach out to Kerridge Commercial Systems. Learn more about our proven solutions and how they can integrate seamlessly with your business’s processes.

Contact Kerridge Commercial Systems at 919-379-3800 or contact us online to request a demo of our ERP software today.

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