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MAM Software’s Autopart solution deployed at 138 locations over the last 12 months

This article explores how MAM Software has expanded its influence in North America, both in terms of customers and its user base.

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MAM Software’s Autopart solution deployed at 138 locations over the last 12 months

MAM Software is pleased to announce a sizeable increase in its customer base as 138 automotive parts stores went live on Autopart over the last 12 months. The increase in distributor locations demonstrates the industry’s growing recognition of the financial and operational benefits that Autopart delivers.

The addition of these new locations can be attributed to MAM Software’s continued commitment to investing in research and development, resulting in many new features being added to Autopart as well as existing functionality being upgraded and improved.

Some new key developments include:

  • Autocat Integration- The Autocat electronic catalog can be accessed from the point of sale or from your e-commerce site. It is a comprehensive auto parts catalog providing access to the latest updates from industry suppliers. It provides fast, accurate catalog look-ups for a competitive monthly price. Includes Interchange and VIN Decoder. The integration allows it to be used alongside other industry catalogs or as the primary eCatalog.
  • Inventory Management- Increased flexibility and capability to manage the inventory processes. Increase or decrease a suggested purchase order amount by simply changing the number of days supply, and Autopart will quickly recalculate your order. Bump orders up or down quickly and easily.
  • Warehouse Management- Additional picking options and process improvements have been added to assist the warehouse staff. Combined with performance enhancements, it is designed to maximize warehouse efficiency and control.
  • Business-to-Consumer E-Commerce- Update your B2C website or online marketplace more frequently with changes in quantity on hand. Allows you to do automatic incremental updates all day in addition to the full file updates each night.

“Autopart has been exceptionally well received by the automotive aftermarket since its availability in North America,” states Al Neal, Vice President of Sales for MAM Software.“ It is the right technology for this industry for both large and small distributors and has functionality designed around strong business practices. Our commitment and investment in this industry sets us apart as a leading technology provider for automotive parts companies”.

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