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MAM Software will shoct the 2019 APA Annual Shareholders & Manufacturers Conference

This article takes a look at our forthcoming exhibition at the APA 2019 Annual Shareholders & Manufacturers Conference. Find out more about our products and the event below.

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The APA 2019 Annual Shareholders & Manufacturers Conference is being held in Dallas, TX on March 20-22 and is celebrating 45 years of working together! MAM Software will be in attendance to demonstrate the power of Autopart and its fully integrated parts catalog, Autocat.

Autopart, the premier business management solution for warehouse distributors, parts retailers and jobbers, is available as a hosted cloud or as an on-premise solution that combines modern .NET technology with a SQL database for unparalleled functionality and flexibility. The system includes point-of-sale, inventory management, forecasting, purchasing, reporting and accounting.

Autocat is an innovative electronic parts catalog that enables manufacturers to effectively present their products to all levels of aftermarket distribution. Autocat is a new addition to MAM Software’s suite of catalog solutions and utilizes cloud technology to help manufacturers publish their data on a frequent basis, meaning warehouse distributors, retailers, jobbers and service dealers have access to up-to-date product information. Manufacturers and suppliers can submit data using both ACES and PIES delivery specifications, which is then verified and standardized before being published to the cloud.

Rich Johnston, Jr. - Owner, Professional Parts, Inc. commented that, “The combination of Autopart and Autocat has been excellent. At the point of sale, having an accurate and up to date catalog, can often be the difference between making the sale or sending the customer to a competitor. The ability to edit the catalog with custom notes is also a great tool in keeping our catalog accurate.”

“We are looking forward to showing the APA members how powerful Autopart and Autocat are together, in addition to the other integrated solutions MAM Software offers like Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and SalesRep.” Al Neal - VP of Sales, MAM Software.

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