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ADM Pressings

K8 Manufacturing playing a key role in success for ADM Pressings

Vertical: Distribution

Industry: Discrete Manufacturing

Product: K8

ADM Pressings

About ADM Pressings

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, ADM Pressings is a renowned manufacturer of pressings, assemblies and fabricated products for the automotive industry. ADM’s customers include Aston Martin, Bentley, JLR, JCB and Caterpillar.

The company first implemented K8 Manufacturing in 1999 and played a key role in supporting the development of the system’s management information dashboard tools.


With a trading history which began in 1956, ADM was acquired by its management team in 2009. Operating from a 100,000sq ft. purpose-built factory, the company has the capabilities to handle production volumes which typically range from less than 100 to 20,000 units, depending on specific customer requirements.

Proud of its successful track record, ADM is one of the fastest growing businesses in the North East and currently the UK’s largest supplier of automotive aftermarket body assemblies. Incidentally, the name ADM originates from the company’s business principles to Aspire (to be the best), Drive (strive for excellence) and Maintain (high standards).

Our business is about much more than products, machines and materials. For us, the key to long term success is to develop strong relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees.

Andy Wingfield - Managing Director at ADM Pressings

K8 Manufacturing at work

The K8 Manufacturing system in use at ADM today is a much more advanced integrated product than the version which was first implemented in 1999. Since then, as the business has developed and newer software releases have been introduced, the system’s value to ADM has grown progressively.

In terms of overall benefit, K8 Manufacturing enables ADM to operate efficiently with tight process controls in every area. From customer contacts, enquiries, quotations and orders through to purchasing, stock control, production scheduling and despatch, the system lies at the heart of the business.

K8 Manufacturing enables us to fully integrate our business processes and helps everyone to understand how the business operates and interconnects. We also use the system to administer our production assets for maintenance planning, inspection scheduling and repair orders.

With everything flowing through to the accounting applications, K8 Manufacturing enables us to manage inbound and outbound invoicing, payables, receivables, cash-flow and payroll very effectively.

Andy Wingfield - Managing Director at ADM Pressings


  • A robust, integrated software platform
  • Fully supports business processes
  • A scalable system for future developments
  • An enduring, trusted partnership

Supporting systems development

A significant milestone for ADM was when the company played a key role in the development of K8 Manufacturing management dashboard tools. Previously, having to use manual systems and spreadsheets to pull information together was quite time-consuming. What the company wanted was a modern, intuitive and easy-to-use facility with immediate access to clearly presented information.

We worked closely with Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) in what was a major and ultimately successful project. We now have fast and easy access to real-time data for daily operational requirements.

Andy Wingfield - Managing Director at ADM Pressings

ADM have weekly and monthly reporting for decision-making and business monitoring. Furthermore, dashboard facilities are easily fine-tuned to suit evolving business requirements.

Communications links

In recent years, ADM has grown substantially. Due to their expansion they were faced with increasingly unreliable data connections at their second location in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear. The company consulted with the KCS technical department for a solution. Reporting that the link between the two sites kept dropping, the service performance was more like a dial-up connection and it was not unusual for sessions to timeout.

After some monitoring and troubleshooting the technical department determined that the existing link was carrying more data and applications than originally intended. As a result, KCS proposed a number of options, taking into account their future business needs. ADM opted for a 100Mbit/s superfast Ethernet connection.

KCS were thorough, very responsive and provided us with good advice in order for us to make an informed decision. Setup was completed very expediently; the performance is now seamless and reliable.

Andy Wingfield - Managing Director at ADM Pressings

K8 Manufacturing - a system for growth

As a growing and forward looking company, ADM is looking to progress its systems strategy centred on K8 Manufacturing.

We have the capacity to develop the business and there are no scalability concerns at all with K8 Manufacturing. It’s a very good system that’s serving us well. The software is robust and we know that we can, and will, take its capabilities forward.

Andy Wingfield - Managing Director at ADM Pressings


  • Integrated process control sales order to delivery
  • Effective stock control and purchasing
  • Comprehensive production and resource planning
  • Integrated accounts and robust financial management
  • User-defined and maintained management dashboards
  • Real-time data for effective decision making


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