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Client Server Database Technology

UniVision - the most robust and easiest database to administer

UniVision: a significantly enhanced Pick R83, AP and D3 compatible multi-user DBMS, integrating powerful, high-performance MultiValue database management and Client/Server technologies in a single product.

Offering exceptional database engine flexibility combining unparalleled multi-user connectivity with superior price/performance, ease of use in an open systems world with integrated ODBC/SQL Client/Server technology.

With UniVision, thousands of field tested real world applications can be run on industry standard hardware platforms, designed and built for today's open systems computing environments. UniVision users are able to take advantage of the latest high availability symmetrical multi-processor systems, Local Area and Wide Area Networking technologies, establishing Enterprise wide computing as the norm.

Platforms Supported

UniVision 9.0.2 has been designed to run on today's most advanced and powerful SMP open systems. UniVision is available for platforms running Linux AS4 / ES4, 5.x and AIX 5.3.

Earlier releases of UniVision also support the following platforms: UnixWare 7.1.3/ 7.1.4, and UNIX SVR4.x.

Key Features

  • Dictionary Based File System

    Allows software developers to create data dictionaries that describe and define the framework and relationships of the data.

  • Highly Efficient Data Storage

    Utilises variable length fields and records that use only the space you need. Also supports multiple data values.

  • Powerful Data/Basic Language, UVBasic

    An extended version of Dartmouth BASIC, designed to make programming easy for the beginner, yet powerful and flexible enough to satisfy the needs of experienced software developers.

  • Calling 'C' Functions from UVBasic

    Call application code to access 'C' functions. 'C' functions can be called by using the standard user exit mechanisms. (ICONV/OCONV).

  • Advanced Database Query Language, Vision

    Vision makes report generation easy. It allows users to sort, retrieve and display or print reports, using a simple English-like query syntax. Powerful enough for the experts and yet easy enough for users to create comprehensive reports.

  • High Concurrency Locking Algorithms

    UniVision stops application code from becoming serialized when setting locks. The UniVision locking structure minimizes potential performance bottlenecks.

  • Intelligent Available Space Table Management

    Available space table management is designed to eliminate the problems traditionally inherent in fragmentation. The result is decreased user downtime due to table rebuilding and management.

  • Complete Online Help

    UniVision features a comprehensive collection of documentation with on-line look-up. Users always have technical help at their fingertips.

To visit the UniVision Support Website click here.

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