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Liffey Distributors

Effective, informed decision-making is just one advantage of the Irish company's tech upgrade

Vertical: Distribution
Industry: Home & Garden
Product: K8
Liffey Distributors

Helping to keep the Emerald Isle green

Liffey Distributors is one of Ireland's leading distributors of forest, garden, and leisure equipment tools. They offer a range of high-quality products, including Husqvarna, Oregon, McCulloch, and Flymo. The company is committed to providing excellent customer support and service, and such a philosophy has contributed to its success since its establishment in 1970.

However, the company's previous system needed to be more scalable, and its development plans didn't meet Liffey's requirements. As the business grew, it became clear that the situation would only worsen. Consequently, Liffey Distributors began searching for alternative systems to address their needs.

Liffey Distributors was in need of a high-quality, fully integrated and functionally comprehensive distribution system. In addition, they required a product development roadmap, system support, and supplier security as well. K8 and Kerridge Commercial Systems were able to fulfill all their requirements, making their decision-making process quite straightforward. Since then, the company has been growing stronger day by day.

K8 has completely changed the way we run the business for the better. The system is everything we wanted and more.
Ronan Brady - Operations Director at Liffey Distributors

Gains and benefits

  • Sales order processing – smooth and fast
  • Information at the fingertips – no delay searching and the information is accurate
  • Full supply chain visibility – purchasing, orders and sales – the value of an integrated system
  • Automated processes for sales back orders – maintains control – supports customer service
  • Perpetual inventory stock checking – saves time and money, any issues quickly identified
  • Greater financial control from integrated accounting – benefits include improved cash flow
  • Staff freed up to work on core activities – a benefit of controlled, automated processes
  • Improved management information at all levels – effective, informed decision-making

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