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The digital ERP platform that takes your business to the next level

Digitally transform and future-proof your business with K8, a fully integrated and comprehensive cloud-based ERP and business management system that enables you to manage all aspects of your enterprise. Established in Ireland and across the world by a wide range of distributors, merchants and wholesalers, K8 is a scalable ERP solution that configures according to your needs to help your organisation grow.

A fully integrated ERP to manage your distribution business

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Financial performance & analysis at your fingertips

Consolidate your business' finances, lower costs, and reduce paperwork with the latest version of K8. Our cloud-based platform gives you access to the powerful general ledger module, which helps you manage any business, legal, or management requirements with a comprehensive suite of financial tools.

  • Administer all the user-defined levels within your legal entities, divisions, branches, and departments.
  • Increase account efficiency through advanced budget maintenance, formatting, reporting & presentation tools.
  • Manage your debt, credit, cash and other resources from one central ERP solution.
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Professional quotations that win you new business

It's essential to serve your customers quickly and efficiently, so our quotation functionality helps you create quotes accurately and professionally. Your customers never wait around and benefit from real-time stock availability. Meanwhile, you create a good impression while maximising sales opportunities.

  • Save time by producing your quotations more efficiently, and enhance your levels of customer service.
  • Improve & maximise sales performance through lost quote analysis and get notified when quotes will expire.
  • Drill down into details without losing important data and see when specific stock is ringfenced.

Our integrated web trading platforms

WebPro Logo

Businesses can sell online quickly with our cloud-based ecommerce platform. Easy to use, companies have everything they need to sell successfully to B2B & B2C markets.

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WebTrade Logo

Selling to B2B or trade enterprises online is simple with WebTrade, the quick and seamless platform that allows businesses to trade via the Internet to customers anytime.

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WebBuilder Logo

Our comprehensive, robust, all-in-one web management platform allows you to create the ultimate industry website with all the tools & features to trade successfully.

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Increase warehouse accuracy and efficiency

An optimised warehouse means that you can reach and serve more customers, stock more efficiently, and save time and money. That's why K8 features a powerful warehouse management module that helps you automate tasks by removing paper trails and eliminating data entry. That way, you can reallocate staff to focus on more value-added activities. But that's only the start.

  • Ensure all departments use the same real-time data and processes, reducing errors & improving efficiency.
  • Determine the best location for each item in your warehouse, helping you maximise storage space.
  • Track all documents, helping you maintain accurate inventories and make better stock & ordering decisions.

Without K8, we wouldn’t have a business; the system is reliable, works well and easy to use. Compared with other systems we have seen, being able to navigate quickly between modules and applications is fundamental for us.

Ian Dickson, Joint Managing Director, Dickson Bearings & Transmissions

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Optimise all areas of your stock control

From batch to bin to serialised items, our stock management software tracks the location and cost of your stock right through your branch network. Designed to help you optimise stock utilisation and reduce obsolescence, you can drill down to perform a detailed analysis. Also, if you're a multi-site enterprise, sophisticated inter-branch logistics take care of transfers and replenishments with the touch of a button.

  • Manage stock at central, regional and branch levels and keep on top of demand with detailed sales data.
  • Reduce overheads by improving accuracy and optimising scheduled delivery routes.
  • Enable local branches to fulfil orders so you can cut carbon emissions and meet sustainability targets.
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Drive more sales with outstanding customer service

You need fast, smooth, and accurate sales order processing to meet customer demand and secure repeat business. That's why our integrated sales order management solution gives you quick and easy-to-use search functionality that displays everything about your product, including photographs, detail-rich descriptions, and inventory levels updated in real-time.

  • Deliver outstanding product information to your customers and use images to maximise sales opportunities.
  • Increase further sales by offering accessories and complementary or alternative product options.
  • Trade more profitably through advanced profit margin management and reporting facilities.

Our close integrations with partners include

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Automating your accounts payable processing with EasyAP significantly reduces keying errors, speeds up payments, and helps save thousands of pounds in manual data entry.

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Phocas Logo

Phocas is a cloud-based business intelligence application that uses data to display instant analytics, forecasts, budgets & comprehensive statements that are fully up-to-date.

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Dojo Logo

Ensuring customers can take rapid card payments without fuss and get their money faster, Dojo delivers powerful business card machines that are robust, flexible & secure.

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The simple way to manage rebate performance

Controlling rebates is key to staying profitable, so our rebates and pricing functionality helps you maintain a competitive edge. As part of the fully integrated functionality in our system, it's simple and flexible to use. From purchase-based rebates to spot-based claims, keeping track of what's owed and maintaining vital profit margins is easy.

  • Keep an automatic and accurate calculation of all claims and ensure you maximise your profits.
  • Control user permissions & access and manage who in your team has visibility of the rebate schedules.
  • Support purchase-based & spot rebates and minimise disputes with suppliers over claims.
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Sell successfully to B2B and B2C online

Designed and developed for distributors, merchants and wholesalers, we've developed K8 with your industry in mind. Plus, it allows you to access new markets 24/7 online. We offer a robust online trading solution that integrates seamlessly with K8. Online orders feed straight into K8 for onward processing while the product data from K8 is displayed online.

  • Trade anytime and anywhere with an integrated website that allows online orders to process into your ERP system.
  • You don't need to increase your product range – trading online means you can expand your reach to new markets.
  • Improve your digital reputation with a professional website that customers trust to make purchases through.
The comprehensive all-in-one business management platform for your enterprise

Core system features at-a-glance

K8 is a huge, multi-faceted system that can manage all areas of your business to help you trade more profitably. A small sample of the key features and benefits are listed below.

Support your digital strategy

Get trading online and open new channels to market quickly and easily with K8. Use a fully-integrated solution, connect with marketplaces, or opt for a third-party provider.

Integrate with mobile apps

Digitise your processes and deliver great customer service with a range of apps. From proof of delivery to picking and receiving, K8 can help automate many core business functions.

Empower your staff

Business intelligence is made easy with K8. Access reporting in one centralised yet customisable system to help better inform your decisions and track progress against your KPIs.

Use powerful quotations

Streamline your sales process while minimising paperwork and reducing waste. K8 helps you create accurate & professional quotations and reserve inventory against them.

Optimised warehouses

K8 helps you optimise your available space and manage the entire pick process, bringing down costs and ensuring the accuracy of what you deliver to your customers.

Analyse your finances

Access financial information quickly and easily, giving you full control over your finances while helping you identify which areas of your business need the greatest attention.

Digitise your deliveries

Meet and exceed your customers' delivery expectations by combining all the necessary information into a central location, allowing for effective planning across your entire branch network.

Meet sales commitments

Deliver great customer service without compromising your margins. K8 makes it easy to transfer stock between branches, and a traffic light system shows which branch can fulfil an order.

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