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Tile merchant software that delivers the goods

As a tile merchant, we know that once you lose the quality, you lose the work. That's why we’ve created software for tile merchants so you can offer your customers a better experience with your business whilst ensuring ease of use, precision and control. It’s easy to place orders with the required measurements, track your stock in real time, and optimise warehouse management. But there’s so much more. With one click, you have all the tools you need.

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A man and woman examine a tiled wall while discussing sales order processing, holding a tablet.

Tile-specific sales order processing

Your ERP system must help you meet customer’s needs. That's why our industry-specific software for tile distributors gives you a bespoke sales order process screen that allows you to order tiles according to square metre coverage or any other metric. Also, with rich data fields, intuitive operation, and photographic displays, you get the right item the first time.

  • The quick & easy sales order interface management provides instant search access to every record type.
  • Deliver great customer service and maximise sales with promotions, alternatives & complementary products.
  • Give repeat customers a tailored service by identifying previous sales preferences, including batches sold.
A man in a warehouse using a tablet to manage inventory and track shipments efficiently.

Profitable & confident stock control

Satisfying customer demands while optimising your stock levels, cash flow and profit margins isn’t easy. That’s why our software makes it easy to see how your stock is selling or holding its value. Plus, you can easily rebalance stock levels, with sophisticated inter-branch logistics helping you handle replenishments and move stock where you need it.

  • See your entire stock holding in real-time - whether it’s sitting in warehouses or in-store, ready for sale.
  • Confidently forecast with analysis on any item, including its performance, batch detail, and business cost.
  • Set your own min/max levels for each item, so you never run out of stock, and always sell at a profit.

Instead of sales staff working out tile shipping requirements by hand, they simply input the length and width into K8 Trader to instantly learn how many tiles and boxes they need. It’s a very intelligent system, yet so simple in how it helps us maximise sales.

Lisha Mhlanga, IT & Marketing Executive, McDaids

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Profitable purchase order features to achieve growth

Smart buying decisions are key to profitability. You don’t want to hold too much stock, but you also need to ensure you meet demand. Our tile distribution software helps predict your inventory needs based on past sales and seasonality factors. Also, you source products only when there’s demand, with features for back-to-back, direct, and drop-ship orders to help maintain a healthy profit margin.

  • Predict your future stocking requirements based upon your past performance and seasonality factors.
  • System-generated recommended stock purchase orders together with back-to-back linking of sales to purchase orders.
  • Enjoy a fully comprehensive ordering system with menus that allow you to see all aspects of your supply chain.
Three people wearing hard hats standing in an Irish warehouse, discussing batch control

Powerful batch control helps you meet customer demand

Moving and selling different batches no longer needs to be confusing. Our tile business management software knows what products belong to which batches. That way, you can pick up and examine an item controlled by background batch controls at any point. And you’ll receive system prompts about any files that might be missing with any particular batch.

  • Batch numbers can be auto-allocated for ease of use, and you assign them via simple word searches.
  • However you assign controls, our software tracks all sales so you can see who bought a batch.
  • Even better, you can run a trace to see the origin of any particular batch.

Key benefits of our tile merchant software:

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Digitise your business with one version of the truth

white colored truck icon

Create more efficient delivery schedules

white colored sales price tag icon

Support sales with digital quotes & less paperwork

white colored growing graph icon

Analyse & control finances for improved performances

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Rebate management that claims the right amount

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Improve picking accuracy & increase warehouse space

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Successfully scale with a system that grows with you

white colored dashboard icons

Suit your business needs with dashboards to fit

A person using a credit card to make a payment.

Comprehensive pricing & rebate management

In today’s competitive marketplace, you must protect margins while attracting repeat customers. Our software helps you make price file adjustments to entire ranges in seconds. Plus, you have the flexibility to make reductions and tiered rebates so you can set individual details for customers and products on the line.

  • Our software automatically recalculates your margins so you can negotiate, confident your margin is protected.
  • View report dashboards for critical areas, including management, finance and director-level metrics.
  • Enjoy full flexibility by maintaining rebates as needed and easily recoup what’s owed to you by suppliers.

The reporting within KCS for tile software is great because they make the management accounts every quarter easy to produce. And it helps that the system is so user-friendly.

Kerry Lowe, Director of Hyde Park Tiles

Two men in hard hats analysing data on a tablet to enhance efficiency in their merchant warehouse operations.

Optimise your merchant warehouse operation

The warehouse is the hub of your business. That's why our software makes it easy to manage your inventory. You can also access real-time data from anywhere within your facility to always have your finger on the pulse. After all, if you never run out of supply, you'll always meet demand and deliver great customer service.

  • Every process can be managed using smart devices that integrate with our plumbing merchant software.
  • Stock movement is captured instantly for audits and integrated with other system modules.
  • Sales, stock positions, purchase commitments, & supplier positions display whenever you need them.

Products for tile merchants

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Perfect for medium to large enterprises, K8 is a sophisticated cloud-based ERP and business management solution that delivers a complete digital strategy for profitable growth.

Key features:

  • Streamlined sales process
  • Easily analyse your finances
  • Make rebate management simple
  • Automated invoice processing
  • Optimised warehouse management
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Our cloud-based ERP solution empowers small to medium enterprises to manage all aspects of their business efficiently. And it's quick to learn for a fast return on investment.

Key features:

  • Fast & intuitive processing
  • Improved sales & purchasing
  • Time-saving stock management
  • Powerful reporting & analytics

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