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Automate your accounts payable & save thousands

Manually processing invoices from suppliers via daily accounts payable (AP) processes is inefficient and labour-intensive. EasyAP, however, automates your AP tasks and vastly cuts the time it takes to load the details onto your ERP system. Such innovation delivers huge time savings and allows you to redeploy staff to where you need them most.

How can EasyAP help your business?

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Reduce your operating expenses

EasyAP’s sophisticated built-in artificial intelligence (AI) engine scans any incoming emails with invoice attachments and saves them as PDFs. These invoices import into your ERP system, after which EasyAP matches vendor orders, ready for payment. Meanwhile, invoice copies save in your ERP for easy, instant access.

  • Significantly reduce labour costs associated with entering and linking vendor invoices to purchase orders.
  • Scanned documents store in a secure cloud-based server for retrieval and any audits.
  • Automated matching processes increase keystroke accuracy and cuts any costly errors.
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Strengthen your business operations

By cutting the length of time it takes to process invoices, you automatically strengthen your operations and improve relations with suppliers. Invoices no longer languish in an inbox, and there are fewer internal and external emails chasing payment. Once set up, you simply capture, match, code, and pay AP invoices.

  • Reduce overhead spend each month on paper, save time through the elimination of duplicates.
  • Make better-informed decisions and enhance vendor relationships through up-to-date, accurate AP information.
  • Streamlined accounts payable activities to increase transaction productivity and visibility of cash flow.

Key benefits of EasyAP

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Cut the time taken to process supplier invoices

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Integrate simply & smoothly with your ERP system

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Improve the accuracy & speed of data entered

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No invoice printing means reduced paper

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Automatically match invoices to the correct PO

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Instantly access supplier invoices in your ERP system

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Process more supplier invoices with less resource

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