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Unit4 Wholesale adopts the Kerridge Commercial Systems brand

Kerridge Commercial Systems recently acquired Unit4 Wholesale and are now pleased to announce that Unit4 Wholesale will, moving forward, operate under the Kerridge Commercial Systems (KNW) brand.

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“We believe that by merging our products and services to one brand and working as one team, that it will enable us to become a stronger and more strategic partner for our customers.”

As part of Kerridge Commercial Systems, KNW will continue to support their customers and can now anticipate the needs of their customers and the market even faster. And thanks to the expansion of the available expertise and product portfolio, KNW can now even better serve their customers.

We try to ensure that the rebranding and integration has a minimal effect on our customers, so that it will take place very naturally. As previously confirmed, we continue to support products and customers at the same level and with the same professionalism as our customers are used to. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal Wholesale customers and partners for their continued support during this wonderful development in the long history of the company.

Fred Loos, Kerridge Commercial Systems’ Managing Director for Benelux

Arjen Baltje, Wholesale Sales Manager added: “We have grown from a company of 60 people to an organization of more than 1050 people and are now part of a strong global brand. We have been working in very similar markets as our KCS colleagues for years. It is a great opportunity for us, our customers and future customers to combine our joint industry knowledge and expertise to serve our current and new customers with our current products while also drawing on KCS's extensive product portfolio with innovative, trade specific solutions with a strong uniform company name. So we look forward to continuing with our team under the Kerridge Commercial Systems name.”


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