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Electronic Payments

Deliver integrated electronic payment processing to your branches

Discover a superior payment experience for you and your customers, available as a direct integration to our ERP system or as a standalone solution

Safer working for you, secure payments for your customers: Power your socially distanced transactions

We’ve partnered with Paymentsense to offer your business a fully integrated payment experience with your ERP system. Connected via the pin-entry device (PED), the electronic payments solution offers a secure link between your card machine and EPOS system. Resulting in faster, safer transactions for you – reducing the risk of errors!

Now you can have a truly joined up business by using integrated payments to eliminate expensive errors. The sales journey is so much easier – and safer - when payments don’t have to be re-entered by hand. Everything syncs in the cloud - instantly and securely - leading to happier customers and healthier profits.

Free yourself from slow payments, time-consuming admin and work safely at a distance. Prevent losses from miskeyed transactions, speed up the end of the day reconciliation and provide a frictionless sales experience to your customers.

Electronic Payments: Core Benefits at a Glance

  • Keep your staff and customers safe
  • Improved efficiency and customer service
  • Receipts and refunds processed via the PED
  • Leave your current provider with no exit expense
  • Rapid implementation - up and running quickly!

Discover more about how electronic payments can save your business time and money!

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Our Sustainability Policy

Together we can make a difference!

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At Kerridge Commercial Systems we firmly believe that we have a responsibility to our employees, customers, investors, and environment to promote and practice sustainability across our solutions and within our business.