Quantum VS, Disys, Merchant, Esprit and Charisma - Help Desk Contact Information

The following Quantum VS Client, Financials and BI software products have been qualified for use with Windows 10.

Version numbers as follows:

Quantum VS Client - versions 8.x and versions 9.x
Quantum VS Financials - versions 3.10.3 onwards
Quantum VS myViewpoint - versions 2.1.x onwards

Service Delivery Director

Martin Searle
Email: martin.searle@kerridgecs.com
Telephone: 01908 249708

Hardware & OS Helpdesk

Email: ossupport@kerridgecs.com
Telephone: 01908 249720

Merchant Helpdesk

Email: merchantsupport@kerridgecs.com
Telephone: 01908 249710

Disys Helpdesk

Email: disyssupport@kerridgecs.com
Telephone: 01908 249710

Esprit Helpdesk

Email: espritsupport@kerridgecs.com
Telephone: 01925 732333

Charisma Helpdesk

Email: charismasupport@kerridgecs.com
Telephone: 01342 333820

Vecta Helpdesk

Email: vecta.helpdesk@vecta.net
Telephone: 08705 133404

Quantum VS Helpdesk

Email: quantumvssupport@kerridgecs.com
Telephone: 01908 249710

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