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Customer: Bathstore

What we did: Implemented K8

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Bathstore is the UK's largest specialist bathroom retailer with over 160 stores across the UK employing 500+ staff. The company works with some of the top designers and manufacturers to produce beautiful, affordable bathrooms - a number of ranges are exclusive to Bathstore. The company maintains high stock levels to provide customers with flexible and reliable delivery services.

The time had come when Bathstore needed a computer system for its future – an essential requirement to support its business plans. From the outset, the implementation had to be quick so as to avoid upheaval and disruption to trading operations, especially during busy trading periods. After thorough product evaluations, Bathstore placed an order with Kerridge Commercial Systems - the company had the necessary credentials and the right product for the job.

Gains and benefits

  • Integration with vehicle tracking services, saves time, improves efficiency
  • Warehouse management functionality – automated processes and less effort
  • Fully controlled stocking ‘rules’ – stocking profile improved for depth and breadth
  • Hosted servers with disaster recovery and data protection – no IT business exposure
  • A close working relationship with IT partner – supports the company’s objectives
  • Future product developments mean more commercial opportunities for Bathstore

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It is vital that we work closely with an IT partner who offers the best possible solution to support our demanding business plan. We look forward to continuing our excellent relationship with Kerridge Commercial Systems.

- Andy Campbell, IT Director


Datawright rebrands to become Kerridge Commercial Systems

We will continue to focus on innovating and delivering market-leading ERP solutions

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“We are very excited to make this announcement,” explained Kevin Stalker, Software Director. “As we continue to grow as a group, it makes sense to have our people and products under one brand name. The Kerridge Commercial Systems brand reflects our commitment to remain at the forefront of technology for our manufacturing, field service and distribution customers globally.”