Snows Timber chooses K8

Major system upgrade for leading timber company

Kerridge Commercial Systems is pleased to announce that Snows Timber has placed an order for a new, 100 user K8 system, set to go live later this year. An upgrade from their existing Kerridge CS Revision 7 system, K8 will be deployed on a hosted, ‘cloud-based’ platform, as part of an IT strategy that also includes a new, group-wide network infrastructure.

Snows’ decision to choose K8 was made following detailed evaluations of alternative systems’ functionality and performance in pre-defined operating scenarios. K8 will help the business to maintain and develop its competitive edge, improve business processes and provide a platform for growth and development opportunities.

Nick Skelsey, Group Director of IT said, “Although we have worked with Kerridge CS for around 20 years, we had to put our business needs first and consider a number of other systems alongside K8. In making the final decision, our senior management team agreed that the latest K8 system met both our immediate and long term needs.”

Ian Bendelow, Kerridge CS, CEO, said, “We have enjoyed a successful, working relationship with Snows Timber and are delighted that they have selected the latest version of K8 –  our new Babbage release. Replacing a system that has served the company well, K8 will provide Snows with an extended range of integrated functionality and enhanced software capabilities.

Nick said that K8’s highly developed sales, purchasing, financial and stock control functionality will deliver wide ranging benefits in every area of the business. He also highlighted that the introduction of hand-held devices in particular, would streamline processes and deliver gains in efficiency. “We recently re-organised our business reporting structure and one of the drivers that led to us changing systems is a need for more powerful management tools; notably accurate, real-time information for effective decision making. Although we are a well-established business, we have to equip our people with the modern tools and information provision they need to do their jobs more effectively.”

The transition to a hosted, cloud-based deployment for K8 is integral to Snows’ IT strategy. Outsourcing not only reduces upfront investment in technical infrastructure, but lessens the requirement for scarce in-house technical skills. “By deploying K8 from a Kerridge CS partner data centre, system management will be largely taken care of. In short, we will be able to focus our energies towards looking after customers and business operations”, said Nick.

Technology has moved on considerably since Snows introduced its current system and the company is committed to taking full advantage of the best practice processes in K8. “One of K8’s strengths is its built-in flexibility and configuration options. This will enable us to have something that fits our business model without the need for bespoke programming.”

In terms of implementing K8 and converting from the outgoing system, Snows will take the project management lead. Their own cross-functional team will be advised and guided by Kerridge CS consultants in areas such as system set-up, data conversion and training.

“Taking real ownership of our K8 system is a key factor in the project and with our staff keen and ready for new software functionality, we have an excellent starting point. Our focus is on keeping everyone engaged, with good open communications at every stage, and establishing changes to our ways of working. This is a business change project rather than a software upgrade and although we don’t under-estimate the task that lies ahead, the gains for the business and how we serve our customers will be considerable.”

Snows Timber fully appreciate that their new system represents a sizeable investment for the business, and as part of the selection process they examined the benefits to the company in terms of payback and ultimately a return on the investment. “We identified a combination of hard and soft benefits – the latter, although harder to quantify, include time saving opportunities and efficiencies across the business. An underlying factor was also the value of business continuity – by moving to a secure, hosted cloud-based system we will significantly reduce the likelihood of system downtime. Certainly, when we looked at the project as whole, we could see a healthy payback within just a few years. K8 is going to help us make a real difference to Snows Timber.  A real plus is that although we will start with the core modules, there’s great potential in the system to explore more functionality when we are ready” said Nick.

“Our project team, who have completed many large multi-site K8 implementations, will be working closely with Snows Timber in the coming months to ensure a successful go-live. We understand the company’s broader objectives and what they want to achieve from K8. Snows can be assured of our full support in bringing those to fruition,” said Ian Bendelow.


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