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Don't be restrained by your ERP!

ERP solutions have expanded over the years to encapsulate many core business functions including sales, finance, procurement, manufacturing, logistics and marketing. Due diligence on your part is therefore required to understand the breadth of available standard functionality that’s offered – not only for your current business needs but also to support your growth ambitions in the future. Study any potential partner’s roadmap – it may not be relevant to you now but it will give you a good indication of where you may be able to take your business in the future. Avoid bespoke elements to a solution unless absolutely necessary, as these can restrict your options for upgrades and moving your platform forwards in the future. Be mindful too that you will be partnering for the long term so a good cultural fit between you and your ERP provider is essential.

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Our Sustainability Policy

Together we can make a difference!

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At Kerridge Commercial Systems we firmly believe that we have a responsibility to our employees, customers, investors, and environment to promote and practice sustainability across our solutions and within our business.