“We feel we really know what’s going on… working together as a single team” Paul Bowler, Managing Director

Challenges: existing systems, business information, supply chain

Founded in 1964, Takbro offers a wide range of electrical, electronic and labelling products to OEMs, industrial users and wholesalers operating in almost every sector. Its products can be used in electrical applications where signals have to be converted, switched, conditioned, isolated or amplified. Takbro also supplies interconnection products, heat-shrink materials, marking and labelling systems and conduit.

With a stand-alone system at each location, Takbro found that gathering business information together from its operational centres had become an arduous process - even for the most basic requirements and routines such as raising invoices were not straightforward. The management team reached the point where profitability and customer satisfaction levels were at risk.

Gains and benefits

  • The business operates as one business unit – more efficient, better processes, complete visibility with a single database for stock, customer information and finance

  • Noticeable reduction in stock duplication and over stocks – improved cash-flow

  • Service representatives have access to all the information needed – better customer service

  • Single platform enables resources in each location to support each other and maintain service levels

  • Comprehensive, integrated accounting  - faster, more accurate reporting and  tighter credit control



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