Burnt Oak

Burnt Oak

“With K8 you can review pricing and make instant decisions. That gives us more flexibility in terms of selling, and we know exactly how much we are making on each sale." Sanjay Murji, Manager

Challenges: existing systems, manual processes, pricing, stock control, customer service, management information, cash flow,

Founded in 1995, Burnt Oak Builders Merchants is a family-run business based in North London, with a traditional builder’s yard in Burnt Oak and two warehouses in Harrow. The company sells several thousand product lines ranging from timber, flooring, plumbing and electrical supplies to power tools, bricks and insulation. 

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Burnt Oak Builders Merchants were experiencing many of the issues associated with using manual systems. These included inadequate stock control, inconsistent pricing and pricing maintenance, disputes and errors, lack of management information and slow settlements from debtors. The company was introduced to K8-SBE – the system being used by two of their suppliers and went live in October 2008.

Gains and benefits

  • An easy-to-use, functionally – rich system

  • Improved customer service – accurate product and price information at fingertips

  • Business performance easy to control , notably sales, profitability and debt

  • Decisions about pricing and discounts – quick and flexible

  • Sales are processed quickly – efficient and appreciated by customers

  • High quality laser-printed forms present a professional company image

  • Integrated accounts – improves cash flow, saves interest charges

  • Inter-branch trading quick and easy to process – optimises use of stock

  • Better stock control  - less inventory carried and carrying stock that customers need

  • Streamlined processes mean a more effective working environment for staff

  • K8 ready to support business development. More branches?  No problem


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