Fuller, Smith and Turner

Fuller, Smith and Turner

“The system is completely open and easy to develop and extend” - Colin Simpson, Group Systems Manager

Challenges: stock management, purchase order control, financial management, business continuity

Fuller, Smith and Turner, the renowned West London brewer and pub retailer, has, since 1845, established a deserved reputation as a well-managed company with a quality product. Its beers include ‘London Pride’, ESB’ and ‘Organic Honey Dew’ and are enjoyed and appreciated across the country and around the world. This has been the focus of the £140 million turnover largely family-owned company on excelling in the cask ale sector that the prize-winning London Pride is now the number one selling premium cask ale in the UK.

Meeting the needs of customers in the UK and around the world and managing the estate is a complex challenge. Although the implementation was mainly driven by the need for an integrated stock control and financials systems, Fuller’s also had to appreciate the effect on others, especially third generation families working there, when making changes to tried and tested methods. The result was a cross-functional team representing finance, sales, logistics, and other functions to re-implement the system across the board.

Gains and benefits

  • Final system solution extended through to many business areas

  • Corporate reporting across functions improved

  • Ability to develop various brewing-specific systems

  • Reliable and effective system with minimum downtime operation time over 10 years


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