Howdens Joinery

Howdens Joinery

“K8 was selected due to the product's trade specific functionality and the high standard of Kerridge Commercial Systems technical expertise" David Hallet, Chief Information Officer

Challenges: business growth, old technologies, trade-specific functionality

Howdens has grown to become the UK's leading supplier of kitchens. With over 500 depots nationwide, a recent year’s statistics are impressive - around 4 million kitchen cabinets, 2 million cabinet doors and 400,000 complete kitchens supplied to 200,000 building trade professionals. The company employs over 5,000 staff in manufacturing, sourcing, logistics and depots. Howdens is part of Galiform plc

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Howdens' legacy system, although very capable for its time, was well past its ‘sell by date’ and beyond further development. The company needed a modern system to be able to make future advancements to support the growth. Howdens recognised that they needed a builders’ merchants system – not an EPOS system. It had to be best of breed and K8 provided the majority of the company’s requirements as standard.  The deployment of K8 was a substantial project and at its peak, the system was being rolled out to 40 depots a week.

Gains and benefits

  • K8 has provided Howdens with a platform to develop and grow

  • Stock visibility significantly improved – greater efficiency, increased sales

  • Replenishment processes significantly improved

  • Better quotation management and sales conversion processes

  • System has the flexibility to maintained the company’s entrepreneurial culture

  • Staff experiencing  significant benefits compared with previous system


ASL Case Study


In House


Nottage joinery
Builders Supplies (West Coast)

Builders Supplies (West Coast)

“Kerridge Commercial Systems portrays itself as a professional, forward-thinking company. It is an organisation of substance and integrity who we consider to be a key partner for our future growth” Peter Worthington, Managing Director

Challenges: culture change, partner choice, total package

Builders Supplies (West Coast) Ltd, are a successful, independent, heavy-side builders’ merchant, with depots in Fleetwood, Cleveleys, Preston and Morecambe with plumbing and heating products available in Fleetwood. The company prides itself on excellent customer service levels and high stock availability.

Receive 5 tips on how to update your warehouse and stock efficiently

Builders Supplies (West Coast) realised the significance of investing in a new computer system, such a project was also going to be something of a culture change for the company. The requirements were for a supplier who understood the industry, a system that would be fully maintained and progressed with an upgrade path and a total ‘one-stop’ services solution. Having evaluated several contenders, a short list was identified and detailed reviews were conducted. Ultimately, only Kerridge Commercial Systems met the criteria and an order was placed for K8. Among the deciding factors were the company’s excellent customer relationships.

Gains and benefits

  • Consistent and accurate purchasing and pricing – saves time and money

  • Purchase orders directly placed by fax – more efficient, less paper handling

  • Order Margin Review tools – protect trading profitability

  • Daily management and accounting information has improved cash flow

  • Tighter stock control and PPI – faster more accurate stock checks

  • Automatic invoice matching – saves time, reduces risk of errors

  • Smooth implementation as other branches have been opened up

  • K8 is intuitive –1 hour to train staff to use SOP 

  • An effective framework to highlight management action areas 

  • Opportunities to extend  system use and  improve the investment value


Easby Electronics

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Auto Express

Auto Express have upgraded to K8 Babbage

 “I am very impressed with the trading side of K8 and it is very user-friendly, which made it easy to train the staff. The system has a lot to offer.” - Mitul Patel, Auto Express Director

Auto Express signed up with Kerridge Commercial Systems SA in late 2014. Their implementation project kicked off beginning 2015 on our latest K8 version, called Babbage.

Auto Express Director, Mitul Patel made the choice to sign up with KCS based on our knowledge and success with other companies in the automotive parts industry, specifically Euro Car Parts in the UK. Patel said that he was looking for a direct sales and support model provided by a software company that had a lot of industry knowledge and experience, as well as local support which we have with IT Junxion.

Tiaan Grobbelaar, Sales Manager at KCS SA said that “Auto Express’s key requirements for the automotive aftermarket fits squarely into the K8 offering, Autoexpress has already confirmed increased turnover and better controls due to the new system. We look forward to further supporting their growth."

Mr Patel looked at various options before making the decision and saw our system as the only fully integrated solution, with one price per user including potentially all modules, a full implementation team including training and support during go-live.

After only three months having implemented the system, Auto Express complimented KCS on the great trading platform and capabilities such as sales order processing and search facilities – invaluable for customer service, the reporting abilities and controls for management; and the accuracy thereof.

As a new business they did not expect to grow as fast as they have, and they believe that the ERP system they are using, namely K8 contributes to their growth in a significant way.

The initial implementation included a team of three consultants and a project manager from KCS SA. The range of the solution comprised of a full multi-branch and franchise setup with IBT’s, SOP, POS and integrated financials.

Auto Express will continue to invest in the K8 system and phase two will include:

- Franchise model and pricing where different pricing can be set-up for each branch

- Centralised forecasting

- New branches


  • Improved stock control across branches
  • Ease of reporting
  • DC Based: Distributions from Gaborone into the rest of Botswana
  • Sales margin control
  • Customer specific pricing modules
  • Full visibility and control

Company History:

Established in August 2014, Auto Express is a family orientated business.

“We are passionate about our people, In turn their passion is seen in the lengths they go to serve our customers. We pride ourselves in being able to source any part for any car. We invested in K8 to ensure that our people have the right tool for providing their best service. Service is our best part!"


House of Goodness moves to latest K8

Heating Distributors

A KCS customer since 1989, House of Goodness Group has progressively moved its systems forward with new software releases and additional applications. Having evaluated its requirements in conjunction with the K8 development roadmap, House of Goodness made the decision to upgrade to the latest release – K8 Babbage. 


“The browser client in particular; being able to access the system from mobile devices will save time and effort for our warehouse staff. The latest Web Builder integration – enhanced in this release, is set to further our online trading channel initiatives. In terms of specifics, improvements in direct debit collection processes will save us around 15 hours per month and foreign exchange payments will be easier to manage. Overall, K8 Babbage is also stricter in terms of financial disciplines.”   

Nick Porter, IT Manager


An effective platform

A diverse group, with businesses ranging from health food and leisure, builders’ merchants and heating supplies, House of Goodness harnesses K8’s multi-company flexibility with centralised financial control. Structured to support the group’s Christian ethos, K8 runs on a single platform with minor business configuration differences to ensure consistency and conformity.  

Forward thinking

The group recognised the opportunities and benefits of making the move to K8 Babbage. Not least of which the system’s incremental structure, specifically designed to simplify the process of implementing future releases. Assessing the group’s strategic requirements, the upgrade was also positive from an investment perspective Nick Porter, IT Manager, said: “The browser client in particular; being able to access the system from mobile devices will save time and effort for our warehouse staff. The latest Web Builder integration – enhanced in this release, is set to further our online trading channel initiatives. In terms of specifics, improvements in direct debit collection processes will save us around 15 hours per month and foreign exchange payments will be easier to manage. Overall, K8 Babbage is also stricter in terms of financial disciplines.”   

Planning and preparation

From the outset, the project required that key staff had to balance day-to-day responsibilities alongside the upgrade preparations. With the need to minimise the impact for its staff, it is advantageous that K8 Babbage requires minimal ‘up front’ user training. In the build-up stage, test and training systems were set up on the group’s existing server platform; confidence and familiarity with the software being essential to the success of the upgrade. Preparations were completed with a final test conversion followed by the go live itself.  “Taking a measured approach, we were able to complete tasks such as user acceptance testing in parallel with operational duties. Guided and supported by KCS, the whole project; which involved all group businesses, went pretty smoothly”, said Nick.


Integration is key

Finance Director, Hilary Oldham said: “For our diverse group, systems integration is fundamental and that’s where K8 scores highest. The system works well across multiple sites and being able to have role-based user workplaces accommodates our range of businesses very well. For basic practicalities, such as document scanning, K8 makes it easy for anyone to view delivery notes and invoices. This is enormously beneficial, saving us time and therefore cost.”   The company said that its main objective is to improve efficiency – being able to access key information using K8 is a major contributor for processes to run more smoothly. “We also want to encourage more TBS customers to use our online facilities, said Nick.

As a business for which flexibility and tight control are essential, House of Goodness is focused on getting the most from K8. The system also helps the group to deliver a quality customer service and adhere to its Christian ethos.


House of Goodness profile

The group’s businesses comprise Good Timber, Good Welding and Fabrications, Goodness Foods, HDA Architecture, New Creation Farm, Skaino Services, TBS Building Supplies and White & Bishop. All employees are members of the Jesus Fellowship – the group‘s origins were to provide employment for community members, extending to support its property and other assets.  



  • Flexible and adaptable for diverse group
  • Integrated trading and financial controls
  • Tailored user work place facility
  • Fast query resolution
  • True thin client deployment


  • Successful upgrade to latest K8
  • Multiple incremental enhancements
  • Minimal user training requirements
  • Browser client accessibility
  • Direct debit collection savings
  • Easier foreign exchange payments
  • A platform for further upgrades




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Plumblink (Press Release)
Plumblink use K8

Kerridge Commercial Systems has provided us with an excellent tool to be closer to our value chain - Oswald Abrahams, ERP Systems Manager, Plumblink

Plumblink is a leading plumbing products and sanitary ware supplier, servicing the plumbers’ trade and contract markets, as well as the insurance industry.

They have two different branch models; some of the larger stores with showrooms for the general customer, and smaller express stores aimed at the plumbers market. To support the growth, the business also had to adjust and formalise the stock distribution process.

Mr Abrahams, commented: “KCS SA has provided us with an excellent tool to be closer to our value chain. We have grown from nineteen branches in 2010 to sixty-eight in 2015 with the goal to open another twelve to fifteen branches in the next year.”

Seaweed McFarlane, Plumblink CEO said: “I truly believe that we have positioned the company in a well-structured and well governed business. The IT systems we introduced had very positive spin offs and visibility of all operations was enhanced. I consider Plumblink as the industry leader with systems in place to continue seeing and improving on the growth of the past five years.”

What are the results?

  • Greater supply chain visibility
  • Centralised control
  • Access to up-to-date management information
  • Tighter margin controls
  • Ease of opening branches
  • Better stock management
  • Low cost to support

To find out more about KCS and the products that we offer, please contact us today.

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Allmakes 4X4


"K8 has provided the means to bring our business forward into the second decade of the 21st century and beyond’." Terry Chipperfield, Director

Allmakes 4x4 is a leading international trade supplier of Land Rover parts and accessories. Supplying independent specialists for over 30
years, the company can stock every Land Rover part and also offers their exclusive range of ‘Terrafirma’ accessories. Allmakes 4x4 has
contracts to supply the British armed forces and agreements with government organisations and NGO’s worldwide. Since implementing K8, the system has helped to streamline business processes and create a more efficient working environment.

Time for Change

Until 2006 Allmakes were using a custom designed system, originally developed in the early 1980’s. Over the years it had been modified and expanded to meet their developing business requirements. However, as Terry Chipperfield explained, “the system just didn’t cope
well with many of the things which you’d expect in a 21st century environment. There was no capability for e-business,nor the opportunity for a trade portal. It all worked on the assumption that you had plenty of time between receiving orders and shipping them. Some of the
routines on the order processing side were very slow.”

Terry continued, “Also, we were finding it increasingly difficult to get the system supported. We spent time with a Birmingham based software house, to try to bring it up to date, but this proved too difficult. We specified all sorts of aspects that we wanted to see, from improved order processing through to more sophisticated stock control; we spent a lot of time on stock control. Ultimately we decided that we had to change.”

Terry added: “A significant gap in the system’s functionality, for us, was the ability to handle, pack and ship export consignments efficiently. Well over half our business is export. So we sat down with Kerridge CS and developed a suite of programmes to meet this requirement. Nine months after seeing the system for the first time, we went live with K8 on 1st October 2006.”

Trading Systems Review

Allmakes carried out a systems review in 2006. Terry explained: “We looked at a number of alternatives, but one of our major UK based customers in Devon had recently launched K8 from Kerridge Commercial Systems (Kerridge CS.) They were very enthusiastic about
the software. I spent a day with them, going through the main features. I was impressed with the speed and simplicity of the order processing, and the opportunities that K8 would give us to develop our business. So we started talking to Kerridge CS.”

Online Trading

The Allmakes K8 Web Portal gives their global customer base the ability to access the K8 system in real time. The portalwas developed using the standard API’s (Application Programming Interface) supplied by Kerridge CS. The innovative design of the Allmakes K8 Web Portal was developed with their customers’ specific needs in mind; reflecting the particular demands of the industry. Customers from around the world get secure, real time information on pricing, stock availability, order progress, account details and statements. Most importantly they have the ability to get full product details, including supercessions, and armed with this information, they can place ordersdirectly into the Allmakes K8 system.

Allmakes report a significant increase in sales following the launch of their web portal. The largest order handled through the portal had 980 individual lines processed straight into the system without any manual intervention. For Allmakes, it isn’t just sales, it’s also enquires which are handled over the internet, so the phones are quieter. Staff have more time to give to proactive selling. Internet trading developed with KerridgeCS has given Allmakes a real competitive advantage.

The Business Benefits

Since implementing K8 at Allmakes, it has helped to streamline business processes and create a more efficient working environment. Terry explains “We particularly like K8’s ability to switch from one process to another very quickly, and the fact that we can access all sorts of information and history, concurrently. We were particularly anxious to start trading over the internet. The tools to do this are provided as standard within K8.” Terry continues: “We also like the comfort that we feel, being with a major provider, who will continue to invest in the development of the product and its support.”

Gains and benefits

  • Streamlined processes

  • More efficient working

  • More proactive selling

  • Fast access to information

  • Better customer service

  • Internet trading capability

  • Significant increase in sales

  • Secure supplier partnership

  • A system for their future



Euro Car Parts

Euro Car Parts
Dale Hardware

Dale Hardware

“With K8, we are now able to grow the business without automatically adding cost and compromising our customer service. Kerridge Commercial Systems delivered exactly what we were promised.” Chris Gorse, Managing Director

Challenges: business growth, management information, business control, customer service, IT partner strategy

Family-owned Dale Hardware is one of the UK's leading distributors of architectural and builders hardware. The Dale brand is the preferred choice of the country's main independent builder and timber merchants and architectural ironmongers. The company offers internationally-sourced ironmongery as boxed items or pre-packed products..

Success and growth for Dale Hardware brought about a need for better system tools to support further expansion. Greater visibility of information and business controls were primary requirements and there was a need to streamline processes. One of the factors which influenced the decision to install K8 was that Dale Hardware did not have to change their business to suit the system. K8 was a good fit from the start.

Gains and benefits

  • Efficient sales order processing – time savings for staff – good service for customers

  • Improved customer interaction – access information instantly

  • Man hours saved, staffing levels reduced – costs saved

  • Up-to-the minute accurate information – quicker decisions, good customer service

  • Profitability monitoring – keeping a finger on the pulse ensures tight business control

  • Exception reporting – e.g. invoice matching application, issues can be quickly resolved

  • Spreadsheet interface – flexible, smooth and simple to use

  • More management time focused on running the business

  • Opportunities to introduce new applications and functionality



Burnt Oak


Samuel Kirk


“K8 is very solid, and in my view a ‘de facto standard’ for our industry. Our K8 system, which is hosted by Kerridge Commercial Systems, is an integral part of our 24/7 operation.” Iain Paston, IT Manager.

Challenge: Warehouse management/Barcodes/handheld devices/stock forecasting/customer service/information

Primaflow, part of Mueller Industries, is a leading multi-branch distributor of plumbing and heating products. The Birmingham-based company, which has 8 branches across the UK, supplies plumbing and heating merchants, builders merchants, wholesalers and other specialist trade distributors. Primaflow first installed K8 in 2006.

The company handles a significant volume of transactions. There are 14,000 stock lines, 5000 active customer accounts and together the branches handle around 1000 shipments per day. The warehouse is unquestionably the hub of the operation – both centrally and across the branches.  Primaflow were among the first to implement the K8 Warehouse Management application.

Gains and benefits

  • Complete and accurate visibility across the operation

  • Supports the delivery of a high standard of customer service

  • Easily managed inter-branch transfers help to optimise stock levels

  • Accurate stock levels – eliminate need for regular stock checks

  • EDI used for orders, advice notes and invoices – smooth and efficient

  • Access to function-specific KPI information – supports decision making and monitoring 

  • Forecasting tools –essential to manage long lead times from international suppliers

  • Opportunities to extend the system use and for more investment and business value





Houthandel Goedkoop

Houthandel Goedkoop

“K8 ensures that we follow the correct procedures to allow a constant high level of quality. K8 is fast, easy to work with and everything can be traced back. It works perfectly.” Cees Goedkoop, Director

Challenges: existing system, business growth,

Founded in 1932, as a small timber and hardware merchant based in the centre of Amsterdam, Houthandel Goedkoop now supplies timber, kitchens, plasterboard and tools. The company’s products are used in many building renovation projects in Amsterdam and customers also include numerous DIY businesses.

The family-owned, forward-thinking company installed its first computer system in 1985 – at the time trading systems for wholesalers were in their infancy. Much more recently, as a result of business growth, and the opening of an additional branch, a systems review was required. As members of Sakol, a purchasing association, Houthandel Goedkoop were recommended to take a look at K8 - one of only two systems that it had identified for its members. The result – an order was placed for K8 and installation followed.

Gains and benefits

  • Process-driven functions maintain a high level of quality

  • Component kits – easily managed and controlled

  • Fast search facilities – means better customer service

  • Inter-branch trading more efficient and simplified

  • Full auditability – everything can be traced to source

  • User friendly functionality – builds staff confidence 

  • Information is clearly presented throughout the system



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RGB Building Supplies

“Kerridge Commercial Systems has evolved from an outsourced supplier to an extension of our operation. Their solution has been a perfect fit and their people have forged the strong relationship we have today" Mark Gosney, Operation s Director

Challenges: operational efficiencies, integration, business processes, stock visibility, sales order processing, accounting, management information, scalability, customer service, profitability

Established in 1850, Rawle Gammon & Baker initially traded as a timber importing business and now, with 15 sites, is one of the largest builders merchant in the South West, employing over 200 staff. The company attributes its success to its people and providing exceptional customer service. 

RGB knew that they had to overhaul their IT infrastructure, only by doing so would they be able to create operational efficiencies, unavailable within their incumbent system. A fully integrated solution would improve business processes – not least of which in sales order processing, stock control and provide an comprehensive accounting system with management information tools. Scalability for growth were also important considerations. After examining various systems, Kerridge Commercial Systems was the clear winner.

Gains and benefits

  • An excellent, close working partnership

  • Tight control from fully integrated processes – saves time, saves money

  • Information at the fingertips – no time wasted looking up from other sources

  • Full stock visibility and optimisation, easily facilitated inter-branch trading

  • Functionally-rich, sales order processing –resulting in improved customer service

  • Opportunities to improve profitability from both revenue generation and cost savings

  • A scalable solution which allows the company to grow and develop



Haldane Fisher


Burnt Oak
Express Plumbing Supplies

Express Plumbing Supplies

“Migrating to K8 was one of the best business decisions I have ever made – the positive difference to the company has been phenomenal” Ashley Wilson, Managing Director

Challenges: business expansion, specialist systems, IT partner, business processes, customer service

Established in 2003, Express Plumbing Supplies began life as a small, single branch bathroom and heating supplier, based in Barrow-In-Furness, with four employees. The company has grown to become one of the largest independent bathroom, heating, drainage and renewal suppliers in the north west of England, with four branches stocking several thousand products.

By 2004, the company’s basic trading system was proving inadequate for an ambitious company. The search was on for a system more suited to the task, with the necessary flexibility and scalability. Express Plumbing Supplies needed a systems partner who understood the business with proven knowledge and a track record of experience. K8 was chosen. And the company began to enjoy the system’s benefits immediately.

Gains and benefits

  • Fast sales order processing – gives good services to customers, supported by accurate information

  • Quotations produced effortlessly – good for customers, speed means better chance of an order

  • Easy  and quick to use purchase control tools – optimise stock levels with visibility of pipeline 

  • Integral accounting functionality – the financial position tightly controlled, cash flow improved

  • Management information –‘at the fingertips’ supports planning and decision making

  • Central control  - cross-branch visibility and inter-branch trading easily processed

  • Excellent support and system maintenance – gives re-assurance and future roadmap

  • Opportunities to introduce additional applications





F H Chamberlain

F H Chamberlain

“We can’t stress enough that K8 is a system for builders’ merchants - the perfect fit! The great thing about it is that there is scope for us to take its capabilities further” Morne Nell, Retail Systems Manager

Challenges: business growth, existing systems, IT supplier relationships, system management, business management

FH Chamberlain is a large independent builders merchant based predominantly in the Pretoria area. Founded in 1903, it is one of the largest and most respected companies in the industry. Traditionally FH Chamberlain serviced the contractors market but has recently expanded into the DIY and retail sectors.

Over time, business growth and the use of different, non-integrated systems and servers had resulted in a number of significant issues for the company. Transaction detail was being lost, consolidation processes were a mess and the shortcomings with the existing systems could not be resolved.  After evaluating ten candidate systems to meet the company’s future needs, K8 was chosen.

Gains and benefits

  • Direct supplier relationship – no dealings with VARs

  • System is hosted avoiding the need to have in-house expertise and resources

  • Customer service levels have improved at all contact points

  • Greater control of profit margins – action can be taken as and when necessary

  • Tighter stock control  - breadth and depth of stock, the right capital tied up

  • Business forecasting easier with improved management information

  • Sales promotions managed more successfully

  • A beneficial relationship with IT supplier and a positive outlook for the future



MKM case study


Builders suppliers
Bearing Man

Bearing Man

“The level of user acceptance has been tremendous and the new technology positively embraced,” Abe Bekker, ICT Director

Challenges: existing systems, international capability, high transaction volumes, partner selection

Bearing Man, a bearing shop, opened in Durban in 1974 and gradually expanded its service and product offerings to include more than just bearings - a range of globally recognised brands of engineering products and components. The company, which now has more than 100 branches in South Africa, acquired Fenner Power Transmission distribution 1998, Invicta Bearings in 2000, Springset in 2004 and Oscillating Systems Technology in 2005. In addition to South Africa, Bearing Man operates in Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, Botswana and Mozambique.

The company’s legacy systems were reaching the end of their life, and with the onset of systems with graphical user interfaces, Bearing Man created a Request for Proposal for a replacement system. Following extensive evaluation and consideration for the project management, implementation and support, K8 was chosen. The new system, for a business of 1,000 users, in 105 branches, handling over 8,000 sales orders per day, went live on 1st August 2005.

Gains and benefits

  • Improved functionality – processes faster and more efficient

  • International trading capability – vital for company development

  • Modern look and feel ‘GUI’ – easy and intuitive to use and minimal training

  • A solid, scalable platform for the future

  • Excellent user acceptance – strong staff ownership of ‘their’ new system

  • A stable, secure supplier to support the future of the company





Sehmi Builders Merchants

Sehmi Builders Merchants

“K8 has provided us with efficiency and transparency, made trading easier, allowed us to generate more sales and improved our business” Harpreet Sehmi, Branch and IT Manager

Challenges: business growth, multi-branch trading, future-proofing, stock control

A family-run builder’s merchants, established in the mid 1980’s, Sehmi has grown to become one of the most successful independent operations in Southern England. The company has branches in Southall, Wembley, Reading and Slough supplying timber, bricks, sand, paving and steel, along with a full range of associated products.

Prior to installing K8, Sehmi had been using a custom-designed system which originated in the early 1980s. Modified and developed to meet the company’s changing needs, it had not only reached the end of its life, but support was proving to be increasingly difficult. The company’s K8 system went live in October 2006 – just 9 months after seeing K8 for the first time.

Gains and benefits

  • A fully scalable, future-proof system

  • Multi-branch functionality – inter-branch trading optimises stock and supports customer service

  • Processes streamlined – faster, more control, saves time – more focus on looking after customers

  • Improved stock control – reduced stock holding – lower inventory costs

  • Line by line sales history reporting – high quality information for easier decision making

  • Implementation of PPI stock checking –issues quickly identified and resolved, saves time and money

  • Big reduction in the use of paper-based systems – no missing transactions, saves time and money

  • Increased revenue generation opportunities – more sales and profits, better customer service

  • Reduced debtor days – improved cash flow, lower interest charges

  • A platform to introduce additional functionality to suit business needs – more investment value



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“K8 has provided us with an excellent platform on which to grow our business. The Warehouse Management module, now part of the standard product, has dramatically increased efficiency” Phil Seal IT Manager

Challenges, business needs, existing system, data integrity, invoicing processes

Italian-based Ferroli was established in 1958, manufacturing and supplying natural gas fuelled boilers. The company now has more than 2,800 staff, and sells more than two million boilers a year, in addition to other heating, air conditioning and electrical products. In 1997, Ferroli opened its own UK distribution facility in to serve its national and independent customers.

In 2001, the management team agreed that the existing computer system’s issues and inadequacies had to be addressed and a replacement system was required. Following an assessment of the options available Kerridge Commercial Systems Revision 7 product was chosen. The decision was supported by the strength of past experience and performance of the company’s products. Just two years later, in September 2003, Ferroli moved to K8 and more recently upgraded to K8.07.

Gains and benefits

  • Opportunities to introduce best practice processes – for greater business efficiency

  • Warehouse Management streamlined processes, saves time and effort

  • Hand-held terminals – save time and resource – reduced need to use fixed point workstations

  • Access to future system releases –improves the quality of the product

  • Re-assurance of progressive product development roadmap

  • K8 - an excellent long-term investment for the company

  • Partner support helps improve productivity and generate additional cost savings



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“The savings from Print Manager were immediate, around £11,000 annually and we have reduced the number of printers in the company by 70%. Removing boxes of stationery has enabled us to convert space into a meeting room” Paul Mitchell, IT Manager

Challenge: printing costs, print quality and reliability, equipment costs, equipment maintenance, forms stock control, storage, paper flow

Davroc is a growing, family-run supplier of products to bathroom retailers. Forward-thinking, the company focusses on quality classic design and manufacturing. Davroc sources its products from across Europe from the finest quality suppliers. As an employer, the company promotes a very strong and traditional people-centric culture. 

Prior to implementing Print Manager, Davroc had 20+ dot matrix printers, a high capacity laser printer and numerous fax machines. The dot matrix printers were costly to run, time consuming to un-jam and periodically needed replacement. Furthermore, they used task-specific, pre-printed forms, each of which needed to be designed, printed, stored and replenished. Pre-printed forms are not visually modern or professional and if changes are required the whole cycle has to start all over again – often with inevitable wastage.

Gains and benefits

  • Substantial, tangible, immediate cost savings

  • Dramatic reduction in the number of printers

  • No need for pre-printed forms – only plain paper

  • Storage space freed up – used for a more valuable purpose

  • Form changes made ‘on the system’ quickly and easily

  • Laser-produced forms - a professional presentation

  • Forms easily personalised for specific tasks or events

  • Output, e.g. print sequence order to suit business processes

  • Online archive of actual documents produced – original attributes preserved

  • Print directed to any location or fax output



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Elta Automotive



“K8 will enable us to progress the business.” Ian Hallam, Managing Director

Challenges: As a growing company, Elta needed a modern, fully integrated system

Elta Automotive is a major component distributor based in the West Midlands and the UK licence holder for the renowned Lucas Electrical brand. Established in 1993, Elta supplies motor factors and trade customers around the globe from its large central warehouse in Coleshill.

The company’s stockholding now includes in excess of 5.5 million components and a product range of over 15,000 lines.

Elta had reached the point where their existing system, which had served the business for 15 years, had reached the end of its life. A combination of inadequate functionality, plug-ins and bespoke developments, together with performance and support challenges, led the company to review the market for a replacement.

The choice of K8 was made after a thorough review of several systems and, using a checklist of must-have requirements, the short list was whittled down and resulted in the company placing an order for K8. Knowing that K8 was used by a number of major automotive distributors gave Elta confidence that their requirements would be met easily.

Part of the implementation included developments to integrate K8 with the ‘industry-standard’ TecCom platform and eParts EDI services. Also, to make the implementation as straightforward as possible, Elta’s first priority was to use K8 on a ‘like for like’ basis compared with the outgoing system. Additional functionality would be used later.

Using a train the trainer approach and a dedicated training suite, users were introduced to K8 and built up their knowledge in preparation for the February 2014 go live.

The implementation went very smoothly, the post go-live period passed by successfully and Elta were soon ready to extend their use of K8.

Gains and benefits

  • Out of the box support for kits and assemblies

  • Choice of stock costing standards

  • Improved warehouse managementk

  • More effective stock control

  • Bar coding capabilities

  • Better sales analysis data

  • Comprehensive CRM tools

  • Powerful reporting suite

  • Direct relationship with system developers

  • Close system support

  • A platform for future growth



Kerridge Commercial Systems Training


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