Maintain optimum inventory levels with K8 demand forecasting software

They say that knowledge is power, but at a time when panic is beginning to strike some sectors, that old adage can often be jettisoned in favour of poorly informed, ‘snap’ decisions. Of course, dynamic distributive businesses, in common with those in other areas of the economy, are sometimes forced to make quick decisions, but those should not be made without the context and raw data that the K8 demand forecasting software of Kerridge Commercial Systems ( provides. 

Kerridge Commercial Systems specialises in stock management software that allows companies in the distributive trades to control their margins more tightly, efficiently managing their stock so that they can optimise cash while in no way compromising customer availability. Such software allows organisations to keep truly tight control over such elements as stock, purchases, sales, movements and replenishments, also making it easy for them to access vital information on stock levels that can then be interpreted and utilised. 

Those K8 solutions have been designed by seasoned experts in the sector who know how vital it is to have the right stock in the right place, at any one time, and it is to equip distributive organisations to make their own informed decisions that such professionals have also overseen the creation of suitable forecasting software. This solution makes it easier for distributive organisations to better manage customer demand, working capital and margins, providing an accurate demand profile that assists organisations’ use of K8’s existing stock management and supply chain management software.

In an ever-changing and increasingly muddled marketplace, business leaders want to at least have the stability of solid data when they are making delicate capital investment decisions, not least when any mistakes can end up crippling the business. That is why it is so important for them to have access to a detailed profile of demand across their business, which gives them a more accurate idea of future stock requirements and helps them to ensure a good match between supply and demand, time after time.

By using Kerridge Commercial Systems’ forecasting solutions, distributive businesses can therefore maintain optimal inventory levels and reduce costs in a manner that is as safe as possible. Don’t be reduced to gut instinct and random guesses in the running of your distributive business, when you can combine them with cold, hard knowledge of your company’s present demand levels – pay a visit to now to find out more.