The value of K8 software to wholesalers

Wholesalers have long been more than mere links or intermediaries between manufacturers and retailers.The truth is that a wholesaler can only know that it is doing its job well when those products are then being sold to end customers who respond by placing repeat orders. With such an important role to play in the supply chain, a wholesaler requires the best quality distributor software, such as that on offer from Kerridge Commercial Systems ( 

Not only do wholesalers need to efficiently sell items directly to big retailers, but they also require the right means of inventory management and keeping track of the payments and shipment of wholesale products. Given such a close integration with the retail business, a wholesaler requires a software solution that can minimise costs and risks, helping it to organise and securely store information and lessen the sheer tedium of accounts and audit management. Most important of all for any wholesaler is sales order processing software that allows it to handle and record individual and multiple transactions.

Answering these needs is the complete and integrated K8 software that has been designed to cater for every requirement of the distributive trades, encompassing such functions as business intelligence, stock management, purchase order control, supply chain management, warehouse management and many more. This flexible software can be customised with a choice of individual modules, which, when taken together, help wholesale firms to improve operational performance, manage margins and boost profits.

Wholesalers today are required to source, order and stock efficiently and provide a more competitive service, on a backdrop of a broadened and more complicated wholesale industry. K8 software allows them to combat the squeezing of wholesale prices by retailers while still maintaining strong relations, helping them to negotiate and manage cost prices, reduce handling and optimise transport. It allows wholesalers to keep better track of the whole supply chain, meaning that they can better control a catalogue that needs to be vast if it is to give customers the required high level of availability and choice.

Kerridge Commercial Systems acknowledges that in 2012 wholesalers cannot be mere bulk product suppliers, and to that end provides the highest level of support for business innovations that encompass the likes of franchises, ecommerce, telesales, logistics and vendor/supplier managed inventory. All in all, with the K8 software, wholesalers can reduce the time involved not only in the buying, packaging and shipment of large quantities of wholesale product, but also every other key aspect of their business.

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