K8 is Builders Merchant Software for the 21st century

The highly advanced and multi-function K8 software system from Kerridge Commercial Systems (http://www.kerridgecs.com) is builders merchant software for the 21st century. Addressing specific challenges, with the ability to perform as warehouse management software for example, as well as supporting the organisation as a whole, in its business intelligence software role, helps make K8 a truly innovative and far-reaching software solution for the builders merchant.

Not all builders merchants are alike of course, however they do face some of the same challenges across the industry, regardless of size, client base or geographical location. Challenges such as using outdated manual systems for important operations such as stock control; long settlement periods for debtors; and how to improve customer service in a product-led sector. K8 business intelligence software provides the answers to these and many more potential problems, and brings builders merchants firmly into the digital age.

Take a look at some of the testimonials from Kerridge Commercial Systems’ builders merchant clients and you’ll discover more about the practical applications of the functionally-rich K8 system. Burnt Oak Builders Merchants found that “With K8 you can review pricing and make instant decisions. That gives us more flexibility in terms of selling, and we know exactly how much we are making on each sale." RGB Building Supplies, meanwhile, says “Kerridge Commercial Systems has evolved from an outsourced supplier to an extension of our operation. Their solution has been a perfect fit and their people have forged the strong relationship we have today". J Handford and Son find that “Month End processing is a lot quicker, easier and more accurate”, while Samuel Kirk Builders Merchants state, “With K8 you can tell exactly how much you are making and exactly how much you are spending, it gives you a very up-to-date picture”. With K8 builders merchant software, systems are not only brought up to date, but are future-proofed and ready for the challenges of the coming months and indeed years.

Find out more about professional IT services for the builders merchant industry at the Kerridge Commercial Systems website at http://www.kerridgecs.com.