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Operating a busy warehouse, you know that relying on paper flows and manual data entry can compromise both productivity and stock accuracy. 

K8 Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is designed to automate all of the tasks performed within your warehouse. From the point of goods receipt to ultimate despatch to your customers, K8 provides a level of automation that ensures that you can maximise your warehouse efficiency without compromise to accuracy. 

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Our warehouse software is an integral component of K8. All receipts are immediately available for processing, all sales orders can be submitted for picking as and when required and activities may be planned to best suit operational needs. For example, your planners may have decided on the load required for a specific vehicle or route and may submit all orders immediately for pick by load.

It also allows you to keep optimum stock levels and to link warehouse management to sales order processing, so your customers aren't left disappointed.

K8 Warehouse Management Software: Benefits at a Glance

  • Optimises the flow through your warehouse, ensuring operatives are guided through the task on the most efficient route

  • Deploys hand-held technology in your busy warehouse to improve efficiencies and reduce errors

  • Automates processes such as goods receipt, putaway, replenishment, stock movement, pick and stock counts

  • Better manages the capacity of your warehouse and ensures accurate visibility of all inventory at all times

  • Cross dock, ensuring a fast turnaround of goods that need to be despatched to the customer when received

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