Innovative Pharmaceutical Wholesale Software

Keeping tight management of your pharmaceutical wholesale business is absolutely critical to ensure regulatory compliance. However, you are in an increasingly competitive market where the capability to offer flexible pricing and a responsive, customer-focused service is vital to your success.

K8 Pharmaceutical Wholesale Software has been designed specifically to help transform wholesale businesses and sustainably build your margins.

Manage Effectively from Supplier to Customer

K8 enables complete visibility of your supply chain and allows you to see:

  • What is on order, from who and where it is destined

  • What current stock you have

  • Which customers are buying what

  • Purchase control and automated purchasing, to ensure stock levels are maintained but do not leave unwanted excess stock.

Our flexible pricing functionality enables you to offer the right price to individual pharmacy outlets, groups of pharmacies or clinical institutes including hospitals and surgeries, so you can easily quote, order, deliver and invoice, building your business while still providing excellent customer service.

Efficient Warehouse Management

With integrated warehouse management software that supports a wide range of RF and barcode enabled end-user devices, you will have complete visibility and control of where your stock is, what goods need to be picked next and from which aisle/bucket, what stock come in, and what goods are going out.

As soon as an order is taken by one of your sales team, the warehouse team can start picking and getting that order out within minutes. Combined with K8’s Delivery Management module and add-ons, you can also track those goods all the way to the customer’s hands.

Online Trading and Account Management

Trading online is now a must, whether that be for your customers to place orders, check the status of goods in transit, or to manage their own account (self-service).

K8 comes with an extensive Web Services API to interface to an existing website and we also offer K8 Web Builder– an eCommerce and content management system that can power your website and customer portal while providing direct integration into your stock and distribution system. 

Discover how our pharmaceutical wholesale software can help your business.

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